Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Guide To Police Opposition To Ballard's Re-Election

Mayor Greg Ballard says he lost the endorsement of the FOP in his re-election bid because police are upset that he has implemented tougher professional standards by which the police must abide. Here's a counter-argument to the FOP's endorsement of Kennedy over Ballard. The video makes it clear police are not at all confident in Kennedy's prospective leadership; rather, the only promise seen in her election is the removal of Frank Straub and, perhaps, the elimination of the Public Safety Department altogether, which has ballooned in size and scope under Straub's leadership, freeing up money for front-line policing efforts.

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CircleCityScribe said...

Wow! This video hit the key points and answered my own questions.

I don't think police have a problem with professional standards...they seem to have a problem with a lack of standards: (Myron Powell, Oliver Clouthier, Courtney Harris, Jesse Russell, James Davis, Jason Edwards, Jason Barbar, Robert Long, David Butler, Anthony Smith).

The problem I see is Frank Straub! This New Yorker comes to Indy and tries to covert it to East New York....sending police to his social worker units, liason with people based on sexual orientation, put people in positions not based on merit, but only on race. New Yorker Straub even in NY tradition, increased his personal staff to outrageous levels, and hired east coast cronys. Straub is a failure in every sense of the word.

He has cost us huge amounts of money and diminished police service! Fewer police, no new-hires, eliminated all police helicopters...hired cronys with big salaries, remodeled his suite of offices at 6 figures of TAX money.

Indianapolis used to represent law an order, now it represents the NY liberal culture.

This video is eye-opening.