Sunday, September 04, 2011

Bloomberg Offers No Apology For Failing To Disclose Goldsmith's Arrest

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has finally spoken publicly after going into hiding several days ago following a bombshell report by the NY Post that his deputy mayor, Stephen Goldsmith, had been forced out after his arrest for domestic violence in late July that landed him in a D.C. jail for two days. Bloomberg's failure to disclose the arrest as the reason for Goldsmith's departure has created a political firestorm for him. Yet when Bloomberg spoke to reporters today, he defiantly offered no apologies for his handling of the matter. The NY Post has Bloomberg's delayed public reaction on the matter:

A defiant Mayor Bloomberg said "I make no apologies" for not telling the public about the arrest of former Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith, breaking his silence after ducking reporters and critics for days after The Post broke the story.
"I make no apologies for either the fact that Mr. Goldsmith has left city government or for treating the Goldsmith's family with basic decency," the clearly miffed mayor said about the domestic dispute that landed Goldsmith in the slammer in D.C. on July 30.
Hizzoner's office said Goldsmith was dismissed on Aug. 4 because of poor performance during the Christmas blizzard.
But when asked today by The Post if Goldsmith would have been fired for his performance had he not been arrested, Bloomberg astonishingly said, "no."
Bloomberg added that Goldsmith called the administration on July 31 and offered his resignation, then saw Bloomberg personally on Monday Aug. 1 to offer it formally. Bloomberg would not say today whether Goldsmith told him about the arrest during that meeting.

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