Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Part-Time Carmel City Councilors Want Health Insurance Benefits Too

The position of Carmel city councilor may be a part-time job paying $16,000 a year, but that's not stopping a majority of the council members from sponsoring a proposal that would give them gold-plated health insurance benefits that would cost taxpayers nearly $20,000 per councilor. WRTV reports:

Five of the seven Council members are sponsoring the proposal, which will have its initial hearing at Tuesday evening's meeting, 6 News' Chance Walser reported.
The council members are part-time employees and make $16,000 a year.
The benefits proposal stipulates that the city "shall contribute exactly 75 percent of the total premium," or about $140,000 every year.
"I think a $20,000-a-year health benefit for a part-time job where City Council members earn $16,000 is just over the top," said Councilor John Accetturo, one of the few speaking out against the proposal. "There is no way we can justify this type of basic pay increase."

Notice that the Republican-controlled council waited until long after the May primary election, which for all practical purposes determines the election outcome in the heavily Republican city of Carmel, before floating their self-dealing proposal. These councilors are an embarrassment to the Republican Party. They're determined to keep up with the Indianapolis City-County Council, which also provides health insurance benefits to its part-time councilors. Many area school board members have also voted themselves health insurance benefits for their part-time positions. As a self-employed business owner who pays 100% of the cost of my health insurance, this absolutely outrages me when part-time elected officials think they are entitled to government-funded health insurance. I guess all the free tickets to concerts and sporting events, free meals, free trips and other freebies they get just isn't enough for their "civic virtue."


Marycatherine Barton said...

I share your outrage that our parttime city-county councilors receive health insurance benefits, and any such benefits that school board members give themselves, and would understand if Carmel taxpayers become very indignant if their part-time councilors vote themselves the same.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Don't worry, folks...Obamacare will take care of all of this for us.

CircleCityScribe said...

Isn't Carmel the most affluent community in Indiana, with the highest per capita income????

-Now they want to tax and spend a major perk for part-time city councillors???? (puke)

...So much for a sense of civic responsibility in Carmel.

Paul said...

The real concern is why are we providing $20,000 of health benefits with ANY government job. County employees are generally not highly paid, so why do we have a benefits program that may cost more than some full-time employee's salaries?