Saturday, September 24, 2011

Christine Scales Makes Her Point To The IBJ

Last week, the IBJ gave a free opportunity to Kostas Poulakidas to tout himself in his City-County Council race against incumbent Republican Councilor Christine Scales in District 4. Apparently, the IBJ's editorial staff would like to see Scales bounced from the council because she is an independent voice without the baggage Poulakidas carries as a registered lobbyist and certified member of the downtown elite. Scales, in particular, angered Mayor Greg Ballard and City-County Council President Ryan Vaughn when she dared to think for herself and cast votes against the bailout of the Capital Improvement Board, the one-sided parking meter lease deal with ACS or the appointment of the maniacal egotist, Frank Straub, as Public Safety Director.

Scales makes her point to the IBJ editors with a letter she wrote that appears in the latest edition. "After reading the Viewpoint by Kostas Poulakidas, I can only conclude I will receive Kostas' vote in the November 8 municipal elections," Scales writes in a deadpan manner. "I am exactly what Kostas is looking for in a city-county councilor." Scales uses the letter to tout her own work for her constituents in her district that has been recognized by three neighborhood organizations which have rewarded her for outstanding service. She contrasts her ability to represent her constituents without all of the baggage Poulakidas carries as a big firm attorney and registered lobbyist:

How on earth does Kostas think that he, a busy partner in a busy law firm, the father of two preschool-aged children and husband of a full-time working wife, can commit the time I do to constituents? Does he really think voters would prefer a registered lobbyist while representing their interests in his council votes? How does he define conflict of interest?
What a nice little campaign puff piece the IBJ offered for free to my opponent. As in Kostas' words, "there are good candidates running for council who have some great ideas for Indianapolis."
Take his advice--give me your attention. I am a councilor who goes above and beyond voter's expectations, and I have earned their vote.

In addition to the recognition she has received from neighborhood organizations, Scales has earned the support of the FOP and the Indianapolis Firefighters union. Interestingly, MIBOR, the professional association of Indianapolis area realtors, endorsed Poulakidas. Apparently, Indianapolis realtors have no problem supporting the only candidate for city council who has been adjudged by the Indiana Civil Rights Commission to have engaged in a discriminatory housing practice. How ironic.


CircleCityScribe said...

Go Christine!!!!

I've been to several events in Christine Scales' district. She listens and votes accordingly.

Ryan booted her from the Public Safety Committee because she was right. FRANK STRAUB from NY, must go! -His Liberal agenda and self-serving cronies must also go! They are not in line with Indianapolis community standards!!!

Straub must go!

Christine Scales is representing her district well!

Paul K. Ogden said...

We need more people like Christine Scales on the council, on both sides of the aisle.