Tuesday, September 20, 2011

FBI Raids IHOPs In Evansville And Ohio

Seven IHOP franchise restaurants, one in Evansville and six others at locations in Ohio operated by the same franchise owner, were raided this morning by the FBI and other federal agencies. The Evansville Courier & Press identifies the franschise owner as Terry Elk; however, fellow blogger Debbie Schlussel reports his real name is Tarek Elkafrawi. A spokesperson for IHOP tells the Courier Press the raids are not terrorist-related, but Debbie Schlussel thinks differently:

"Don’t believe that BS for a second. IHOP is lying, as the feds already told the media this is about terrorist money-laundering. The Joint Terrorism Task Force isn’t conducting these raids because they “aren’t related to terrorism.”
The Courier & Press confirms the raid involved multiple federal agencies, including the FBI, IRS and ICE. The search warrants are sealed so it is not entirely clear what the investigation involves, although it is safe to assume it involves potential unlawful immigrant worker violations since ICE participated in the raid.

UPDATE: Evansville's WEHT-TV says the purpose of the raid is based on a suspicion of money laundering for terrorist groups:
A spokesperson with the Cleveland, Ohio FBI Office would not confirm to NEWS 25 the exact nature of the raids, citing the sealed nature of federal search warrants. Special Agent Scott Wilson would also not confirm what agents were searching for at each location.
However, other sources tell NEWS 25 the investigation is connected to allegations of money laundering to terrorist groups in the Middle East, as well as the hiring of illegal workers. Our source also says the restaurants being raided in Toledo share the same owners as the Evansville IHOP. Because no arrests have been made, and no charges filed, we are not releasing their names.


Citizen Kane said...

If they want to launder money and not be harassed, they should just use one of the "too big too fail" banks. They launder all kinds of illicit funds without a peep out of anyone.

Indy Student said...

Is this any relation to the gas stations that were raided here based on food stamp fraud with suspicions of funnelling mmoney to terrorist organizations?


Gary R. Welsh said...

Who knows, Matt? That investigation slipped into a black hole of sorts.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Check out attorney Kurt Haskell on the fizzle bomb in the pants character and associates, that on-going saga and aftermath, and the courts. The last time I heard him was on the infowars nightly news report last night, thanks to the internet (and no thanks to the corporate media), and what he experienced as a witness in the airport and on the planet, in the courtroom, and in discussions with the Nigerians's attorney and with the controlled media should tear any decent American up.

He sure has him, and he has since concluded that the USA is dead, and to be moved out of. He and his attorney wife witness's observations can also be read at www.HaskellFamilyBlogspot.com, and his latest internet news appearance seen and heard at www.infowars.com.