Wednesday, June 15, 2011

She's Back

Just like clockwork, if there is a sex scandal involving a male celebrity or politician, you can bet on Gloria Allred holding a press conference to announce she is representing one of the women victims. This time it's porn actress Ginger Lee, who claims she received unsolicited sextings from U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner. Lee claims Weiner asked her to lie about the messages he sent to her. I'm not sure how she's been damaged by this, but I'm sure Allred will figure out some claim before the dust all settles. From TMZ:

"Ms. Lee has asked me to issue this statement, because an individual has threatened her with a release of another statement which purports to be from her, but which she has not authorized."

Allred would not say who the individual is or what the nature of the threat is, but says, "Ginger would like it to be known that she has not authorized any person, except me, her attorney, to issue statements on her behalf."

Allred adds, "Any unauthorized statement may contain inaccuracies and should be viewed with suspicion and not published."


Karl said...

Intentional infliction of ocular distress.

Indy4u2c said...

I gotta wonder if Alred trained local Attorney Robert Turner...just sayin.

Advance Indiana said...

Don't know, but it seems like the attorneys who lie, cheat and steal are the ones making all the money in the profession.

Paul K. Ogden said...


I don't know about you, but I hope he gets plenty of money for that kid who was held down and sodomized by the Carmel basketball players.

Downtown Indy said...

Like a maggot on shit.

Indy4u2c said...


If my recollection is correct, Turner didn't sue the perpetrators! If he did, what was the loss? How can he request damage without an issue for which relief can be granted? -Co-pay for the hospital visit?

Wasn't he trying to get money from an entity that had nothing to do with penetration???? -just sayin

Alred must have trained him....ya think?

Paul K. Ogden said...


Carmel has looked the other way at these hazing incidents for years, a fact that has been well documented. You don't think the school bears some responsibility for the negligence of the Carmel school adminstrators? Absolutely.