Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Omedia Has No Problem Spreading Unsubstantiated Rumors Against Rick Perry

The double standard in press coverage of presidential candidates will continue in the 2012 presidential cycle. Texas Gov. Rick Perry by simply being mentioned as a potential presidential candidate must confront rumors about his personal life, including totally unsubstantiated rumors that he is a gay. From Politico:

If Texas Gov. Rick Perry decides to run for president, his team is more than prepared for a re-airing of unsubstantiated rumors, circulated on and off for years in the Lone Star State, about his personal life.
The crusted-over rumors were in the ether among some attendees at a dinner hosted last week by the Manhattan County GOP, where Perry gave the keynote speech. The rumors, which have never been proven despite repeated review by media outlets, were addressed by the governor himself in a lengthy 2004 American-Statesman story that is sure to see new life if he runs.
The claims, which had made the rounds for months by the time the story was written, included rumors that Perry and his wife Anita had split, and that the governor was gay.
David Axelrod, who is always successful at getting negative dirt out on any potential Obama opponent whether true or not, scored another hit with a less than subtle hint of Perry's sexual orientation in Michael Sneed's political gossip column in the Sun-Times:
Rev ’em up!
Republican Rah Rah: Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has never lost an election and is eyeing a possible GOP presidential bid, has an interesting resume for stirring up the troops: He was a “yell” leader (a Southern term for cheerleader) at Texas A&M games when he was a student there.
There ya go!
No real man would ever be a cheerleader, right? Still waiting for that first story in the mainstream media reporting on first-hand accounts of Obama having sex with men on the down low in Chicago and Washington before he was elected to the Senate. One man, Larry Sinclair, spoke publicly to the Washington news media of his sexual and drug encounters with Obama only to find himself the subject of an illegal arrest carried out by Joe Biden's son while he was Delaware's Attorney General and buried in lawsuits by the very same law D.C. law firm that has defended Obama's efforts to keep his past records from being released to the public. The other man doing the talking, a choir director at Obama's controversial church, was executed shortly before the Iowa caucus. His murder remains unsolved. The Omedia refuses to interview Donald Young's mother about her son's close relationship with Obama. Hypocrisy in coverage by the Omedia never changes.


Cato said...

So what if he is gay? Republicans have this really weird obsession with homosexuality, when the party is built on so many activities that are appealing to homosexuals and drive people to that conduct.

Republicans' unbridled (heh) love of authority is a homosexual coping mechanism, as is their love of the military and rigid obedience to rules and laws. The concurrence of homosexuality and military service is as old as History.

The Republicans' deep insistence on and titular adherence to religion is also a coping and covering mechanism for homosexual behaviors. The idea is that one can either suppress the impulse through constant immersion in a religious distraction or engage in the behavior and have salvation ready at hand.

When you look at all the pro-authority and freedom-denying that the Republicans espouse, you see a group of people who are constantly trying to stifle free conduct out of fear of what they themselves might do.

There's a lot of self-loathing in the Republican Party and a lot of pro-authority being sold as "law and order" when it's really just a sexual kink and frustrated repression. For the health of the country, we need to find some Bible passage that makes pleasure, sex and homosexuality holy obligations so we can let these Republicans overcome their guilt. Maybe if they can act as they want, without repercussions, they'll stop keeping the lid screwed so tightly on the rest of us.

As for Rick, I read an unsubstantiated rumor that while Governor, he lived way out of Austin so that his trysts with boys would escape notice.

If Rick is gay, I make him this offer: It's O.K. for you to be gay, just as it's O.K. for me to hire hookers and bet $20 on the Steelers' game.

Let's stay out of each others' lives, fair enough?


They don't need to attack Perry's personal life because there is plenty to attack with his globalist ties to the Bilderberg group. So why are they?

This is part of the staged left vs. right fight to keep people trapped in the false paradigm.

The globalists want someone they control on the left and someone they control on the right. They have to make the fight look real.

Obama and Rick Perry are controlled by the same puppet master.

The only candidate who is independent of the globalist 'elites' is Ron Paul.

Advance Indiana said...

It's a dubious claim at best that has been fanned by the Dems in Austin for years in retaliation for what the Bushies did to Ann Richards. The Rs engaged in the same conduct with Ann Richards. Karl Rove stoked lesbian rumors about her for all their value when W. ran against her and beat her. Perry was his running mate at the time. The Ds tried to sell people in Texas on the idea W. was nothing but a drug-addicted, alcoholic, spoiled rich brat who didn't have half the smarts as his father. Perry was W's running mate and that's what they came up with to attack im.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Cato, I don't know why you're attacking Republicans. It was the Democrats who have raised the issue according to Gary.

I like you could care less. Though I do find it humorous that being a college cheerleader is their evidence.

Jon E. Easter said...

So, you're saying that simply bringing up the fact that Rick Perry was a male cheerleader at Texas A&M is somehow saying that he's gay?

I'm so confused. I guess this is the first place that I've seen Rick Perry "gay" rumors, AI.

Let's face it, Perry's desire to have Texas secede from the union as Governor makes me question his loyalty to the United States. We shouldn't elect secessionists President.

If you're saying that bringing up someone's past as a cheerleader in the context of that article somehow makes the argument and claim that he's gay, then YOU have the problem...not the media because you have to read that in to the article.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Jon, you do realize that Gary is criticizing the so-called evidence that he is gay, not making the allegation himself?

You and he are making the same point, yet you appeared to have missed that.

Bob said...


Let's not introduce any substantial issues into the discussion, please...

But you do have to admit, Cato's armchair psychoanalysis is entertaining.

Advance Indiana said...

You're trying to read the cheerleader item in isolation, Jon, ignoring all of the MSM reports that surfaced at the same time discussing the gay rumor--the Politico story being just one example. These things just don't pop up in isolation. I know exactly how David Axelrod operates. He is the most evil SOB in the business for getting his friends in the media to engage in personal attacks on behalf of the liberal Democratic candidates for whom he works. His ways of orchestrating his attacks with the assistance of the media are well-documented.

Bob said...

BTW: What is Omedia, exactly?!?

Is that Oprah's media company?

interestedparty said...

W was a cheerleader. Pictures were published. Did such rumors arise then as well? I can't recall or was not privy to them if they did.

Advance Indiana said...

His critics were preoccupied with his alcohol and drug abuse questions to worry about his sexual orientation, probably because, in the words of Rex Early, "That dog won't hunt."