Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Real Straight Talk Express

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gives a good old fashion tongue lashing to a constituent who questioned his decision to send his children to school at a private, religious school.


Doug said...

He's the Rex Ryan of politics, a blowhard and a bully. I hate guys like that. Probably emotional trauma from my school days as a scrawny kid.

Cato said...

He's exactly right. $38,000 in property tax? Ouch. The education mafia needs to be cashiered. We have the teaching profession reserved for Education majors, when Education is the easiest degree on campus, unworthy of even being called "college."

Education majors must not have any greater claim to teaching than any other major.

If we are hiring 50 teachers, simply take the 50 highest GRE scores, regardless of major.

Until we get the Education majors out of the classrooms, this country will continue to stultify.

Jon E. Easter said...

Perhaps his name should be Richard.

Cato said...

So standing up for yourself against stupid questions and people trying to use non sequiturs to attack you is being a bully?

Pathetic attempt at trying to invert who was trying to bully whom.

Good job by Christie. Public schools are overwhelmingly a failed government program. We need to stop taxing everyone to pay for them. If a family chooses Catholic schools, that family should be exempt from property taxes.

varangianguard said...

If the New Jersey public schools are such an abject failure, the Governor is at fault as much as any other politician there.

If he wants to have his children privately educated, that's his perogative, but don't go all indignant when somebody calls out the hypocrisy for the highest officer of a state bailing on something he should be leading on, not running from.

Advance Indiana said...

Christie has been governor for less than 2 years. It's a real stretch to blame the state of public education in New Jersey on someone who has held office that short of a time.

Bob said...

Doug is right: He is a bully, a blowhard and an ass. There is nothing at all to admire about that response.

The question isn't about if he should send his children to a private school or if they should have a religious education - that is a private decision. The question was about cutting funding for public schools when most people can't afford to send their kids to a private school.

He could have argued that "we have to live in our means" or that "funding levels and results aren't correlated" or a number of things - if that's his take on things.

If he doesn't know how to deal with the public any better that that, he should be unemployed. If I were that constituent, I'd kick his ass.

AI: Odd that you should say that about not being responsible for the schools after 2 years... I tend to agree, but Republicans don't think that about our President and the economy.

varangianguard said...

Point taken, AI.

But, lead or get off the bus for Governor Christie.

I don't mind that he's decided to privately educate his kids. I take issue with him getting huffy about it from his bully pulpit.

Would I be given the same opportunity to rebut his rant, if I were the one who had ticked the Governor off? I think not.

And THAT, makes all the difference.

Advance Indiana said...

Bob, Obama plunged this country into unprecedented levels of debt to finance a stimulus package he claimed would bring down unemployment and get the economy moving. The economy and the number of unemployed has gotten much worse on his watch after 3 1/2 years. He also promised to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead, he increased spending on those wars and added another illegal war to the mix. Yes, I hold him accountable for doing exactly the opposite of what he promised when he was elected.