Thursday, June 23, 2011

Allen County Prosecutor Won't Hold White's Prosecutor To Same Legal Standard He Is Holding White

Dan Sigler may have a similarly spotty and questionable place of residence for voting purposes in between wives and homes that may not stand up to the scrutiny he has given Secretary of State Charlie White, particularly given the odd timing of a change in voter registration he made smack dab in the middle of the grand jury proceedings against White, but Allen Co. Prosecutor Karen Richards won't be subjecting him to any investigation--just call it prosecutorial descretion. From the Journal-Gazette:

After a preliminary investigation into White’s allegations, Richards found no reason to appoint a special prosecutor.
“There is no evidence to suggest a criminal act took place,” Richards said. “There needs to be some reason to believe a crime occurred in order to request a special prosecutor. There was absolutely nothing in what he sent me.
“I think, given that he’s being prosecuted by Mr. Sigler, anytime you see a defendant take a personal interest in criticizing a prosecutor publicly, that always looks suspicious,” Richards said.
Yes, the prosecutors always have the backs of their fellow prosecutors. If you'r not their friend, then look out. The law will be used like a hammer against you every time. The idea that justice in this country is fair and even-handed is a figment of our imaginations. No other case illustrates that point more clearly than the handling of Bill Clinton's perjury and obstruction of justice during the Monica Lewinsky investigation and the John Edwards love child investigation. The President walks on more serious charges, while the former senator faces serious felony charges. Or how about Evan Bayh living and working in D.C. while illegally casting votes in Indiana and being given a pat on the back and a pass to run for governor, while Charlie White is hit with multiple felony charges for voting in the same county within the same congressional district at two different polling places, both of which there is ample evidence he resided, and faced with the loss of the office to which he was legitimately elected.

White could file a complaint with the Whitley Co. Prosecutor, another place Sigler has called home for voting purposes, but it will likely meet a similar fate. “I said all along this was done to try to discredit the prosecution and/or me,” Sigler said. “And it was done with a point of view affecting public opinion, and those things can’t and shouldn’t work when public officials are doing their job.” "Affecting public opinion?" Isn't it true that Sigler offered White a deal where he wouldn' t bring criminal charges against him if he agreed to resign from office? Give me a break.

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subgenius73 said...

How about the Pearson case? No fingerprints, no physical evidence of any kind, police video evidence that does not show Pearson carrying a weapon, witness accounts stating Pearson had no weapon. No apparent motive. Only a police report that states a gun was found next to Pearson. Apparently, that's good enough for Richards.