Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Shadow Congress

Talking Points Memo has compiled a list of former members of Congress who are now working as lobbyists in Washington. TPM counts 195 former members now lobbying their former colleagues. Texas and New York have the most former members working as lobbyists with 17 and 15, respectively. Indiana has seven former members of its congressional delegation working the hallways. They include:

Senator Birch Bayh (Venable)
Senator Evan Bayh (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)
Rep. Steve Buyer (Steve Buyer Group)
Rep. Chris Chocola (Club for Growth)
Rep. Brad Ellsworth (Vectren)
Rep. David McIntosh (Mayer Brown)
Rep. Ed Pease (Rolls-Royce)

Of course Evan denies he's a lobbyist, but he's not fooling anyone other than himself.

UPDATE: Make that 8 former members of Indiana's delegation now working as lobbyists. U.S. Rep. Baron Hill joined the government relations practice at APCO Worldwide according to new filings this week.

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