Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Slated Candidates Appear To Fare Well

The slated candidates of the Republican and Democratic Parties fared well in today's primary election if my downtown precinct is any indication, although voter turnout was very low. Only 126 votes were cast, including 88 Democratic votes and 38 Republican votes, which represented less than 15% of the registered voters in the precinct.

In the Democratic mayoral race, slated candidate Melina Kennedy walloped her two opponents, Sam Carson and Ron Gibson, taking 83 of the 88 votes cast today. The Democratic Party's four slated at-large candidates won. Joanne Sanders led the slate with 69 votes, followed by John Barth (56), Zach Adamson (52) and Leroy Robinson (43). Pat Andrews trailed the slated candidates with 39 votes, while Sherron Franklin picked up 23 votes. Slated 15th District council candidate Vop Osili overwhelmed his two Democratic opponents, taking 71 votes to David Baird's 8 votes and Patrice Duckett's 5 votes.

On the Republican side, slated candidates Jackie Cissell, Barbara Malone and Angel Rivera each received 27 votes and Michael Kalscheur picked up 26 votes. Jocelyn-Tandy Adande, who was not slated, won just 6 votes. Mayor Greg Ballard, who was running unopposed, received 36 of the 38 Republican votes cast.

UPDATE: With all but a handful of precincts reporting in Marion County, the slated candidates of both parties have prevailed. Lawrence Mayor Paul Ricketts narrowly defeated John Sollenberg by a 130-vote margin. If the media had focused attention on this race, Sollenberg may have defeated Ricketts, who is a likely loser in November to his Democratic opponent, Dean Jessup. Mayor Greg Ballard, running unopposed, received slightly more votes than Democrat Melina Kennedy received today facing two Democratic opponents. There were no surprises in the district council races. Slated candidates won out.


leland35 said...

I think Kennedy will win because of Frank Straub's multiple embarrassments, which include:

*Creating a fiefdom, at a cost of huge tax dollars to remodel his SUITE of offices.

*Megalomanic-style running of his kingdom.

*Multiple hire-ons at big salary to praise him...Hire-ons NEVER needed before!

*Failure to hire police/firemen because of the expense of his cronies & personal office suite.

*Failure to hire police/firemen or provide basic supplies such as pens, notebooks, BUSINESS CARDS!!!! (Anyone ever hear of a detective without a business card???)

D's, unfortunately, will Tax & Spend us into oblivion because of Frank Straub's embarrassment......

leland35 said...

Our city should have had many more police/firemen this year, had Frank Straub not stopped hiring and spent money on cronies to praise himself....studies by outside "consultants" etc.

Instead, Straub has a kingdom of cronies to praise him, spend money, decorate offices, consult, advise, praise...etc.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Leland, Frank Straub is only one of about 100 reasons why Ballard won't be re-elected.

Cato said...

Straub is to be credited for finally doing something in this town to smack the cops into shape.

And, no, we absolutely do not need more cops. Are you not happy until every employed person in Indy is a cop? We could do with a lot less cops.

If Ballard cancels take-home cars, he might be able to steal the election. If Melina cancels this tax-sucking plan, she wins in a walk.