Monday, May 02, 2011

Note To Indiana Bar Examiners

The Indiana Bar Examiners publicly released a list of those who successfully passed the bar examination adminstered in February today BEFORE the persons who took the bar had received their official notices in the mail. Did anyone consider the cruelty of having someone from the media call up a public official to ask for comment on why his name did not appear on the successful pass list before he had received an official notice from the Bar Examiners? How pathetic. It's why the police take great pains not to release the names of persons who die as a result of accidents or homicides to the media before they have contacted the next of kin. Would you want to hear the news from a reporter? Or see a newspaper or blog poke fun of you for not passing it? By the way, the Indiana Supreme Court has still not informed the public about the hospitalization of Chief Justice Randall Shepard, who has been absent from the bench for more than two weeks.


Karl said...

I know that in 2007, that was the case as well. The first notice we had that we had passed the bar exam then was when a PDF was posted on the bar examiners' website. If your name was on the list, you passed. If your name was not on the list, you had not. In either case, the outcome would support the bender that inevitably followed for most of us.

We were notified in advance that our first notice would be on the website. Nobody (at least in 2007) would have been confused about that. Consequently, when I rolled out of bed on Results Morning, the first thing I did was launch the bar examiners' website.

I enjoyed the certainty of knowing when the results would be available. That said, it was no problem to scan the list to see if my classmates had also passed (or not). Perhaps that leaves things a tad too public.

Advance Indiana said...

They didn't do it that way when I took it, Karl. It's in bad taste and even more bad taste for a woman who touts herself as Indiana's leading legal blogger or a State House reporter to poke fun of someone for not passing the exam. They wouldn't have done that to Hillary Clinton or Kathleen Sullivan, who both failed a bar exam on their first attempt.

bnslis said...

That was published almost two hours before this blog post.

Advance Indiana said...

I don't consider that an official notice because it wasn't posted as a press release on their website as they typically do. Hospitalization for a pinched nerve--for two weeks?

Sarah said...

I have taken and passed two bar exams, one in Indiana and one in Florida. Both made it clear that scores would be released online first, and in both cases I received my "official" notice of passing by mail several days later. This is just how this works, and believe me, every single person who took those tests knew when the results would be posted and most sat in front of their computer refreshing the page over and over until they were posted.

That being said, Florida posts results by exam number, whereas Indiana posts full names. I can only imagine how embarrassing it would have been if I had failed and the whole world could see my conspicuously absent name.

Still, the State Senator in question would have known that he had failed by 9am this morning. He definitely would have had something prepared.

Advance Indiana said...

I would add that Justice Dickson announced at the oral argument he was "under the weather." People don't normally associate a pinched nerve in the neck with being "under the weather."

Paul K. Ogden said...

I had a pinched nerve. Most debilitating thing I ever experienced. I couldn't take a step without excruciationg shooting pain. It was absolutely impossible for me to go anywhere, even to a doctor. The only way I could have gone was in an ambulance as I couldn't sit in a car.

It wasn't getting any better. Finally a physical therapist friend told me to lay on my stomach when I was in bed. I did that for several days, doing everything on my stomach, reading, eating, sleeping, etc. The pinched nerve problem gradually went away. It was great advice.

Pain killer medicine wouldn't even phaze the pain. I'm not sure what hospitalization would actually accomplish. Of course I am not a doctor so I don't know.