Monday, May 09, 2011

Mona Charen Puts Up Good Defense For Attacks On Daniels For Accepting AAI Award

The National Review Online's Mona Charen takes a swipe at Atlas Shrugs' Pamela Geller and Redstate's Eric Erickson for their "uninformed and slightly hysterical attacks on Gov. Mitch Daniels" because he accepted an award from the Arab American Institute last week. In his defense, Charen cites a blog post of mine from two years ago praising Daniels' speech before the Anti-Defamation League with his "very frank comments" on "Muslim anti-Semitism." Charen encourages readers to watch the full speech I posted to see how "the attacks on Daniels could not be more ignorant or misguided."



Rush Limbaugh was slamming Daniels today. It was ridiculous and I actually had to turn him off.

Rush said that Daniels is missing the boat by wanting Republicans to put aside social issues. He said he's bowing down.

Rush actually said republicans like Daniels are getting these ideas about social issues because they are listening to their whining wives!

Usually Rush makes a lot of sense. However, today he sounded crazy.

rohshack147 said...

I wonder what Paul Ogden thinks of this. To say that Daniels should be forgiven for speaking in front of the AAI just because he gave a speech once condeming Anti-semitism is a lame defense at best. Only inside the beltway elitists think this guy has what it takes to win the white house. As you have pointed out on this blog many times Gary. He has alot to answer for if he runs for the nomination Obama, the media, and his primary opponents will see to that! And frankly I as a republican will not trade in one bad apple for another!

Advance Indiana said...

Daniels' record is 20 times better than the record Obama had to run on, but the Omedia will dissect every wart and wrinkle in Daniels record and make him into a sinister character. That's what any Republican who is nominated next year will face. If they can't find something negative to say about you, that will just make it up. Anyone who goes up against Obama will be destroyed. The Omedia is totally hypnotized by this man. He has to be a real life version of Damien Thorn. I don't know how else to explain it. It is truly frightening.

rohshack147 said...

I respecfully disagree with you that the guvs record is better than Obama's I need only mention Mitch Roob and the Governors refusal to remove him from his administration. As well as the debacle at FSSA!

Advance Indiana said...

He will be hammered over those issues. I wouldn't be surprised to see a criminal investigation of the welfare privatization deal to make sure it becomes an even bigger problem for Daniels. The fact is, though, Obama had no record at all. He was an unaccomplished state senator and was only in the Senate 2 years before he started campaigning full-time for president. He had no executive experience at all. Obama's greatest accomplishment in Illinois was hooking political fixer Tony Rezko up with Rod Blagojevich, which ultimately wound up leading to his impeachment and removal from office and the criminal indictments that were brought against him. Obama had the same criminal relationship with Rezko but the feds weren't interested in any of that. You can't even begin to compare the training and experience Daniels has had with the non-existent record of Obama.