Wednesday, May 25, 2011

John Edwards A Victim Of Obama Dirty Tricks?

When rumors first surfaced about John Edwards' alleged extra-marital relationship during the 2008 campaign, most observers suspected the campaign of Hillary Clinton was responsible for the stories that surfaced in the gossip magazine, National Enquirer. When the allegations first surfaced, it was John Edward and not Barack Obama who posed the greatest challenge to Clinton. Many had expected Edwards to win the Iowa caucus, which would give him a bounce going into the nation's first presidential primary, New Hampshire. The tabloid story surfaced and Obama wound up edging out Edwards for a victory in Iowa. The rest is history.

Today, the Obama Justice Department has given the go ahead to federal prosecutors to bring criminal charges against Edwards for misusing campaign funds to cover up his affair and love child with Rielle Hunter, who had served as a media adviser to his presidential campaign. The key witness against Edwards is former campaign aide, Andrew Young, who pretended to be the father of Edwards' love child with Hunter and helped Edwards cover up the affair. Young also claims to have a videotape and pictures of Edwards having sex with Hunter, which Young used to secure a book and film deal. Edwards is suing Young to prevent the release of the pictures and videotape. What I found interesting in this story is a report by the New York Times that Young's agent is none other than Ari Emanuel, who is the brother of Rahm Emanuel, Obama's former White House Chief of Staff and newly-elected mayor of Chicago. Ari Gold's ruthless character in the hit TV show, Entourage, is based on Ari Emanuel, and Ari has been very helpful in political fundraising activities in Hollywood for both Obama and Emanuel. A coincidence? I think not. These Chicago goons are pure evil and will destroy anyone who gets in the way of their political ambitions.

The story broken by the National Enquirer led to Edwards' political downfall. It could not have come at a worse time, as his wife was dying from breast cancer. Elizabeth died last December, leaving behind the couple's two youngest children for Edwards to raise alone. The Justice Department could offer a plea agreement with Edwards according to the Times, but "federal investigators might want to press the case to send a message to other candidates that the misuse of campaign funds is a serious crime and that it should not be dismissed," the Times says. During the 2008 presidential campaign, there was widespread evidence of the Obama campaign illegally raising millions of dollars from foreigners. The FEC reportedly is looking at the complaints that have been filed by public interest groups, but it remains doubtful anyone will be held to account for potentially massive campaign finance fraud by the 2008 Obama campaign. It's quite interesting that the Obama Justice Department is being so aggressive against Edwards, who has already been destroyed, while ignoring questions about not only the President's campaign finance irregularities, but additional questions about whether he has misrepresented his natural born citizenship status to gain control of the highest office in the land.

I also find it interesting that a Democratic-run Justice Department is so interested in pursuing criminal charges against Edwards, who doesn't even hold office, when the Democrats clamored during the impeachment trial of former President Bill Clinton that it was unfair to seek his removal for the obstruction of justice and perjury crimes he committed while trying to cover up his extramarital relations. It just goes to show how unevenly the laws of our land are enforced depending on whose ox is getting gored. While the Omedia seems more than happy to look into the private lives of anyone else seeking the presidency, including the New York Times reporter's recent visit to Boone County recently to rummage through Mitch Daniels' old divorce records, they aren't the least bit concerned about learning of Obama's alleged extramarital relations with other men. It's accepted vetting when it's anyone else. Ask any questions about Obama and you're just a racist. At least in the case of Edwards, nobody died. Obama's goons had Larry Sinclair illegally arrested and someone executed Donald Young for simply talking, even if the media wasn't interested in their stories.  

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