Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Indianapolis Burning

Indianapolis firefighters fought at least 10 overnight fires near the downtown area, most of which appeared to be intentionally set. Although most of the affected homes and building were unoccupied, at least one was occupied with four persons, critically injuring two. The historic Kemper House at 10th & Delaware, once owned by Eli Lilly, was among the houses that caught fire. The Star provided a list of some of the reported overnight fires:

12:03 AM -- Arson, 945 North Dearborn Street, vacant home, $25,000 damage.

12:23 AM -- Arson, 1725 Nelson Ave., trash fire.

12:35 a.m. - 1602 Nelson Ave. garage, $15,000' spread to 1604 Nelson Ave., shed, $1,500.

12:37 AM --- Arson, 2517 E 9th St, vacant residence, $25,000.

12:55 AM -- Arson, 34 Karcher Street, vacant residence, $75,000.

3: 15 AM -- Under investigation, 1028 N Delaware Street, Historic Kemper Building, vacant, $80,000.

3:57 AM -- Arson, 1431 S. Talbott Street, vacant residence, $500.

4:36 AM -- Under investigation, 1230 S Meridian Street, vacant apartment building, $5,000

UPDATE: One of the critically injured persons, 63-year-old Anna Harris, has died. Fire investigators say the fire appears to have started near the front door, which makes its origins suspicious.


Cato said...

1. One of those is the real target, and the others were set as smokescreen.


2. There's something common to a few of those properties.

3. 10 fires, and the cops didn't see ONE of them get started? What good are they? What are they doing?

4. Was any take-home car near one of these fires?

apburrows said...

As a firefighter that responded to a majority of these fires and "first due" at three of them, including the tradgic State street fire. I know full well an arsonist can strike seconds. IMPD in this district, this night, this shift are good people. These officers would and do everything possible to keep people safe. Cop cars didn't start these fires P.O.S. scumbags did.

Advance Indiana said...

I was kind of wondering from where the take-home car comment came myself.

SW Lane said...

That is because Cato is an idiot.

Seriously kid, come on up out of your mom's basement. The air is more fresh!

Cato said...

Really, Gary, you don't get the implication? I expect ignorant white trash like SW Lane not to grasp the subject matter, but I hold out better for you.

All these fires went up without a single one being stopped. The on-duty cops were ineffective at stopping these crimes. Q.E.D. Were any off-duty cop cars nearby? If so, were these cops equally as ineffective? If there were no such cop cars, why do we not impose a requirement on police who receive take-home cars to live in areas that have a proclivity to be impacted by crime?

SW Lane doesn't have the intellect of a turnip, so this will all exceed him. For those who properly belong in an adult discussion, these questions demand answers.

SW Lane said...

Thanks for proving my earlier point, Cato.

Your extremist views vis a vis the police amuse me. Your rants are comic entertainment, although perhaps a symptom of a problem? Were you sodomized by a security guard at a young age, and now foam at the mouth at the mention of the police? If so, that is sad. I suggest counseling.

You give libertarians a bad name, kid.

Cato said...

SWLane, that was a revealing admission that all cops are sodomites.

Your explanation accounts for the innumerable police and TSA molestations.

The anti-Liberty, pro-authority, pro-hate party is becoming increasingly extinct, by the week.

There will be a few provincial holdouts, but your ilk are fast on their way to a crochety permanent minority back bench.

Marv said...

Cato is entirely correct. Cops rarely, if ever, stop crimes. They merely catch persons who have already committed crimes.

I get tired of pseudo-libertarians who love the police and are willing to surrender their liberties for supposed security to protect us from whomever the State has designated as our current "Emmanuel Goldstein".

I don't know about you folks but when I went to high school the guys who graduated and became cops where usually the class bully a**holes. Most of them after they became cops stayed the same. The behavior of cops here in Indianapolis tends to cement my feelings.

Getting back to the subject at hand. I blame the fires on Al Qaeda. The "Barneys" that work for the Indianapolis and Indiana Offices of Homeland Security need to get right on this.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

"... impose a requirement on police who receive take-home cars to live in areas that have a proclivity to be impacted by crime?..."
Why don't we impose a requirement that people like you live in another state?

SW Lane said...

Oh Cato..much as I'd enjoy trading clever little quips and badinage, I'll pass.

It IS ironic though: You reveal a lot about yourself, and have in this thread. "Ignorant white trash". You DO realize that is the same as calling me a "nigger", yes? And of course all the blanket ad homineum indictments of police in general. Its sad, and although we'll never meet, I will match my own resume be it civic, political, social and any other quantitative benchmark you can think of with yours, and believe me, you'd come up short in all, kid.

I realize you think you are somewhat of an intellectual, but..yeah, not really, and you have yet to prove your intelligence when you toss out such epithets which show a closed, paranoid and prejudiced mind.

However, please do continue to feverishly pound out the keyboard ammunition and be a basement chairborne ranger...it's good for a few laughs.

deannapoeck said...

The trash fire was at my house and the people setting the fires were right down the street. As soon as they left our house the had to turn around and go right down the street.