Monday, May 02, 2011

Republicans Against Ricketts

Apparently there is a groundswell of Republican opposition building to the re-election of the Ricketts Racket out in Lawrence, led by a majority of the Republican members elected to the council. According to the flier, which you can view here, four of the six elected Republicans to the council do not support the re-election of Lawrence Mayor Paul Ricketts. Among their complaints against him:

  • He took $80,000 in campaign contributions from indicted Ponzi scheme operator Tim Durham and won't return the contributions to benefit the defrauded investors of Fair Finance.
  • He took a 23% pay raise after jacking city water rates.
  • He spends $10,000 on a newsletter he sticks in water bills that is essentially a paid campaign advertisement for his re-election.
  • He spent $350,000 remodeling the Lawrence municipal building.
  • He gave city jobs to a number of family members and friends.
  • He refuses to provide copies of bills he asks the city council to approve.
  • He has threatened city businesses and employees if they don't support is re-election campaign.
The flier also suggests he is too sick to serve out the remainder of his term if he is re-elected. The flier claims his physical illness prevented him from delivering a state of the city address this year. The four Republican councilmen opposing Ricketts re-election include Gary Connor, Don Poteat, David Parnell and Stan Stephens. Given the intensity of the opposition against him within his own party, one has to wonder where the local news media coverage on this race has been. Hat tip to Indianapolis Times blog for bringing attention to the flier that is circulating. The blog is run by Democrat Terry Burns, who is Lawrence Township's Constable.

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