Monday, May 16, 2011

John Gregg's Gubernatorial Campaign Swingin Into Action

Former House Speaker John Gregg (D) kicks off the announcement he has filed an exploratory campaign to seek the 2012 Democratic nomination for Indiana governor with the release of this video. A relaxed Gregg is sitting on a front porch swing with a glass of iced tea with lemon next to him and the Indiana flag blowing in the breeze behind him. The short pep talk is obviously geared towards stereotypical Hoosier values. His home is in "Sandburn", not Sandborn. He derides "Warshington", not Washington. And he's been "travelin", not traveling the state. The only things missing are the fresh-baked apple pie and the sound of country music star John Anderson singing his 1983 hit song, "Swingin," in the background.



LOL @ the flats of marigolds and petunias from Home Depot that they placed on the front porch rail to make the scene look "homey" and "authentic".

Where is that house? Lockerbie? Old Northside? Is it his house? Or just used for a photo op?

One uses flats of flowers in potted arrangements or ground plantings for instant garden color, not to use as porch decor.

The video comes across as insincere as its hastily assembled props.

Jon E. Easter said...

Are you guys going to attack John Gregg for being a Hoosier? I bet Mike Pence can't even find Sandborn with a GPS.

If you guys want to sleep on him, fine. We'll be inaugurating Governor Gregg in 2013. Be careful of the storyteller with the fluffy mustache!

When I watch the video, I see John Gregg. If you bothered to get to know him, that would come through to you, too.

Advance Indiana said...

I know Gregg. He's a great story-teller with a sharp wit. He's also spent his entire adult career working at the State House as a lobbyist or legislator. Will his ex-wife remarry him for the campaign? The Ds seem to think that's such a big issue with Mitch and Cheri.

John said...

I'm a D and I'm glad that the Governor and his wife got back together. Divorce is a sad business and it is not a situation that ought to be politicized. I've never heard John Gregg comment on anybody's marriage for political reasons. And John gregg has nevert stepped foot in the statehouse to lobby anybody. Indiana law defines lobbying in broad terms and it is a crime to lobby without registering. Many lawyers-like John-simply register so that there is no risk of violating the statute. John had a lot of friends in the legislature and they remained friends after he left-both R's and D's. Having lunch and talking about crops could well be a form of "lobbying." It would be wonderful if supporters of John Gegg and Mike Pence would stick to the facts in this campaign. The author of this blog has already shown his true colors.