Thursday, June 07, 2007

Crime Heats Up With The Temperature

Today's headlines say it all. As the temperature heats up so does the amount of crime in Indianapolis. Here's a sampling of what today offers:


Anonymous said...

Since taking over the city, the Democrats have begun to recreate Tammany Hall. Those who studied history know this was the sandwich Democratic Party political machine that played a major role in controlling New York City politics from the 1790s to the 1960s. It usually controlled Democratic Party nominations and patronage in Manhattan from the mayoral victory of Fernando Wood in 1854 to the election of Fiorello LaGuardia in 1934, then weakened and collapsed.

Now the patronage (Center Twp trustee employs over 100 patronage employees, owns 3 giant downtown bldgs, one that has A TAVERN!!!), corruption (pea "Monroe Gray" shakes) has hit our city.

Crime, corruption, are now Indy. Stay away from town if you want to be safe....

I grew up here & have been proud to call Indy I'm ashamed & looking to leave town!

Anonymous said...

I agree 7:35! You hit the nail on the head.

Look how the Democrats squeal with a voter ID law, that merely makes one present proof they are who they say they are! They lied, and put up party players to lie...remember the one Democrat who worked for BMV and said she couldn't get ID, but was proven to have a driver's license?

Why do Democrat officials own a building with a Tavern? Why do they have over 100 patronage employees to pass out poor relief????

Why is crime on the drastic increase? Why are taxes going up all the time ("Tax & Spend)?

Why don't we have jail space? Why don't we have enough police?

--Here is the BEST: Why is 911 going to an answering queue????

...telling callers in English and then Mexican that "Your call is important to us, stay on the line & it will be answered in order received..." This is LIFE & DEATH!!!

The Democrats clearly don't care as long as their pocket is filled by the public till!

Wilson46201 said...

Considering the rise in crime is a national phenomenon, it hardly behooves the local GOP whiners to be so quick to point partisan fingers about the topic. Are you-all trying so very, very hard to forget that George Bush and his Republican rubber-stamp Congress ran the country for the last 6 years? Crime is rising in cities all over the USA -- it aint just Naptown!

I'm also amused the above commenter is so fluent in Spanish that she can detect it is "Mexican" on the telephone as opposed to Argentinian or Cuban. Of course, the commenter could simply be a raving Tancredo xenophobe and assumes everything Spanish is Mexican...

Anonymous said...

Wilson: Call 911 and while you are on hold as you need EMERGENCY help, please continue to decipher the dialect of the recorded message....

...Get a life! This is a life & death issue that Democrats are putting people on hold over, so to TAX & SPEND for their corrupt influences & benefit. It is sick, Wilson!

Wilson, explain the justification in putting 911 calls into a queue instead of staffing the 911 center properly!

Anonymous said...

Wilson: crime is a local problem, not an issue for the President.


Anonymous said...

On this subject Wilson deserves to be ignored even more than usual.

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis has had THREE killings (incuding the police action) within 24 hours.

I do not care if the increases in crime are a national trend. Using such excuses is moronic at best.

I don't care what the crime rate is in some other city! I live in Indianapolis! I want Indianapolis to take care of itself and the other cities can do the same with their own crime problems.

THREE DEAD IN INDY IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS! Hope Detroit and Gary had a better day.

Wilson46201 said...

On this subject anonymous nobodies who advocate ignorance deserve to be ignored even more than usual.

Unknown said...

Wilson, you are the one advocating ignorance. You think we should just ignore the crime problem because it is happening everywhere. Not to mention that you decline to respond to comments about the corruption being perpetrated by local Democrats. Why might that be?

Wilson46201 said...

Anybody can allege corruption but in America we believe in the rule of law. Can you name any Indianapolis Democrats who have been indicted and convicted for corruption? Sadly, political discourse has been reduced to petty slander and namecalling without facts and substance...

Om blogs too many people hide behind anonymity while making wild, unsubstantiated charges and accusations. No proofs are offered, just libels and lies. We deserve better while making civilized decisions.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wilson.
Can you not detect the difference in dialect? There are SEVERAL different versions of Spanish, depending on which country one is from/visiting. Maybe 7"56 has been to other countries or is fluent in one version or another!
and the people who say "ignore Wilson" find you irresistable! You keep feeding their egos! If they wanted to ignore you, they would!
Someone is working on that corruption thing for you as well Wilson./ When it blows, watch out. Don't worry. They're not looking into Mrs. Carsons affairs! (yet)

Westside Wanderer said...

How pathetic that Wilson decries petty rumor-mongering and anonymous character assassination. He has often (allegedly) dug up information anonymously, on potential enemies of the Center gang. Then that dirt is used against folks. The Center gang brags about your dirt-digging skills, Wilson...outwardly and openly. My Wilson BS Shield (WBSS)is up.

But he has a (minor) point. Crime is a nationwide problem. Here's one thing we can do to slow it down:

Mr. Primus, the individual killed by police yesterday, had 12 or more arrests since 2002. The last one, for cocaine dealing, resulted in a convinction in late 2005. Pray tell, why is he even on the streets?

Swift and sure punishment is one strong deterrent. Mr. Primus brought heartache and pain to those he dealt with, and obviously to his family, who were distraught on TV last night.

But, not to fear, they had Olgen Williams there to pray for them (on camera).


Anonymous said...

Wilson, how in the world can you blame the local crime issue on our President. Even though I think Bush is the most embarrassing leader this country has ever had, I do not lay this on him. You always try to deflect blame from Bart. It is time you admitted the decisions he and his administration have made are having a negative impact on our community. Seriously, it is their fault! THEY ARE DOING NOTHING TO REMEDY THIS! I really want to leave the neighborhood my family has lived in for the last 60+ years. Man, you frustrate me.

Anonymous said...

"Considering the rise in crime is a national phenomenon"

Ugh, wrong again!

Facts from the FBI (using their crime stats):
Here is the following changes in violent crime from 2005 to 2006:
Baltimore -4%
Nashville -5%
Dallas -2%
Charlotte -5%
Albuquerque -3%
Tucson -9%
Columbus -4%
Oklahoma City -5%
LA -4%

Where does Indy fall into this catagory? You may be surprised:
Indy -3%.

Now, I promise you that with double the car jackings, Indy's number is going to be a positive for 2006-2007. I doubt every city listed above has had double the car jackings. The whole "crime is up nationwide" is bs. Yes, a lot of cities had a lot of killings. The fact is, killings come in three classes in my mind: Associate killings (drug deals, fights over basketball, gun deals, etc.), domestic killings, and criminal killings. Associate and domestic killings don't affect the average citizen unless they are related or are friends of the victim. However, innocent people killed in the commission of a crime (robbery, theft, home invasion, car jacking, stray round, etc.) really start to affect people. If more average persons become victims of crime, you can bet folks will start to avoid Indy.

Anonymous said...

As a Latina, I can tell you there is no such thing as speaking "Mexican." It is like saying every person from Africa speaks African when, in fact, there are many different languages spoken in Africa. In Mexico, not only is Spanish spoke but there are over 70 indigenous languages as well.

Westside Wanderer said...

I hate to bust your bubble, Anon 7:58...and: any increase in crime here is a problem we have to deal with properly and swiftly.

But, using the federal government's own statistics, of the top 50 SMSAs, Indianapolis is 33rd in crime increase for 2006.

That's all crimes, not jut one variety of crime, and I'll give you the fact that violent crime, aneccotally, seems to be higher here than ever before. I don't like or accept it, but I try to look at it logically, and think of solutions.

We're in the midst of a national crime wave of sorts. To suggest otherwise is to ignore facts. Again: that does NOT mean we have to accept it.

The common thread? Likely, there is not one single element. But unscientifically, the lack of jail space seems to be national. For cryin' out loud, that's one of the reasons Ms. Hilton was turned loose yesterday in LA.

And again, I remind the IndyU nutterballs, Federal Judge Sarah Evans Barker, no Liberal Diva, ruled our local jail was unconstitutionally overcrowded a long time ago. Prior mayors, sheriffs and prosecutors had ample opportunities to alleviate that, and little was done. We sacrificed future higher crime at the mantle of lower taxes. And now we are paying the piper. Because these fixes rarely result in quick turn-around.

And again, the man killed yesterday, Mr. Primus, was convicted 12 times or more, on multiple charges, the last one being cocaine dealing in 2005. Yet he was not in the IDOC.

And he sped through five neighboroods and got killed by IMPD, who were just doing their jobs. God bless 'em.

So he becomes a murder statistic, when he should have been an IDOC census statistic.

There are other solutions, and for my tax dollar, more officers on the street could be part of the solution. But it's not new, it's not unique to Indy, and it won't go away fast with quick fixes or by ignoring some of the more-obvious solutions.

It's not JUST the problem of Bart. Or Carl, or Frank. It's the combination of: ignoring it for two or more decades, reluctance to raise taxes for really important things, and current leaders perplexed with competing power structures and political turfs. One countywide police department should stop that infighting. Even though some officers continue to snipe, it can and will work.

Across the board, I think Carl, Bart and Frank have set politics aside in the last year and worked together pretty well on this problem. It didn't get here overnight, and it won't go away overnight.

But this senseless rant about the current mayor being the sole source for the problem is ridiculous, unfounded and, frankly, not useful. Attend one of the Criminal Justice Planning Council meetings and watch those people, from different parties, genuinely working hard on this problem.

May their work continue, in spite of the sniping. They're smart. I will listen for their direction and, most likely, support it.

Anonymous said...

"We sacrificed future higher crime at the mantle of lower taxes. And now we are paying the piper. Because these fixes rarely result in quick turn-around."

And the current crop of elected hacks decided to ask the GA for permission to use various taxes to fund a COLISEUM for a multi-millionaire. Then the head hack, Bart, went on TV and claimed that after construction was done on this new coliseum and convention space, we would not have money issues. Must not be true since he now wants to raise income taxes.

Who has Frank demoted? No one, unless they did something wrong. All we heard was how this merger would be the greatest thing, that they would force supervisors to do more. Then right before the merger, 11 people were promoted. So much for cost savings. If you think they have kept politics out of police work, you obviously have no clue. Last time I checked, Bart has had plenty of time to raise taxes. The first taxes he really raised were the food and beverage, hotel, and rental car...for a coliseum. It is only _now_ that he is talking about raising the income tax. Why not four years ago? If this problem was around for 12 years prior, that should have been in Peterson Plan #1.

Amos was just on the radio making some good points. The mayor and his friends can drum up 10s of millions for a special child's game played by grown men. However, why have they never turned to those same private businesses and asked for money for crime issues? Youth programs? etc.? Simple, this mayor is a business man. Businesses like him because his pro-business. He actually gives them things: Coliseums, meeting spaces, tax breaks, land, tax money, etc..

Personally, since I don't live in Marion Co., I don't care so much about their crime problem. My only concern is another push by Marion Co. folks for more "regional taxes." They got their regional tax, they spent it on a building a coliseum and meeting space for entertainment purposes. Thankfully, I have started to document the corruption in Marion Co., so that if the idea of more regional taxes ever comes up, I have more than enough to help support its defeat in my county. Why should residents of my county pay taxes to a town rife with corruption and cronyism?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:58:

IF an equitable commuter tax or some other regional tax cna be implemented, you SHOULD be taxed.

You drive on Indpls. streets. You require Indpls. services.

You're obviously a disgrunteld LEO. For that, I'm truly sorry, and I very much appreciate your LEO service.

But the problems of Indpls. do not end at North 96th St., or County Line Road. And vice-versa.

And I hope that Marion County is a better governing neighbor to Johnson County than Carmel is to Indpls. Under Indiana law, county-line streets are goverened by the county to the north. Look at the ugly growth on 96th St., vehemently opposed by Indpls. Carmel's response: go pound salt, deal with the extra traffic and all its implications to your streets, and we'll keep all the tax money. Brainard & Co. have bene merciless, and rude. In basketball terms, sharp elbows under the basket.

Ya see, some issues demand regional approaches.

Anonymous said...

"Ya see, some issues demand regional approaches."

Then let the state take over everything and get rid of all local government. I actually support a fair commuter tax, as long as it works BOTH ways. That means folks in all 92 counties have to pay. People living in Marion and going to Hamilton should not get a pass.

Also, for the record, 90%+ of my commute into Marion Co. is via a _federal_ highway system. Even with that, I still wouldn't mind paying some for police, fire, EMS, and snow/road work. If Bart wants to bend me over, then I want my county to be able to do the same to Marion Co. residents working here.

I only like regional approaches when I have a say in the matter. I DO NOT like taxation without representation. Thankfully I doubt anymore regional taxes, outside two-way commuter, will be discussed. Enough people like the idea of the Colts and high school football that enough people supported the food and beverage tax (of course the bribe of .5% was likely a strong reason). Even with that, if one county can say no, I doubt any more special regional taxes for Marion Co. jails, cops, etc. will ever see the light of day.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Wilson, isn't a former (D) Center Twp Constable still in federal prision for corruption in office? Oh, how's our (D) City-County Councillor doing on his criminal charge of attacking a police officer? Wilson, Mike Hobbs (D) Township trustee was arrested this week!

Is "Bones" (D) Ackles under indictment yet for the stolen property taken from his coroner's office? ...and I noticed "Bones" hired a 'chief pathologist' (D) who has her own prior legal problems in Texas!

Rule of law, Wilson!

Where in your law manual does it say a (D) Township Trustee (Carl Drummer) can own a building for a 'Wellness Center' and tavern With our tax money?

Wilson46201 said...

You are quite misinformed about any former Center Township Constables being in prison. Ten years ago Constable Taylor Seaths resigned after indictment but spent no time whatsoever incarcerated. By the way, the charges were local, not Federal.

The law nowhere says townships cannot rent to a restaurant that serves alcohol. This phony issue was raised fruitlessly by one inexperienced new attorney but she was soundly rebuffed.

The political issue of whether Center Township should own the building now containing the Wellness Center was also raised in the last election campaign but the voters declared themselves quite satisfied with the conduct and policies of Carl Drummer (D), Center Township Trustee by votes of better than 3-to-1.

Ron Gibson's case is still undecided in any court of law. Remember our American legal principle of "innocent until proven guilty"? It's still operative in Central Indiana!

It looks like the losers of that 2006 campaign are still flailing about whining about their big losses. The voters spoke decisively and ignored the Republican naysayers!

Anonymous said...

Democrats have begun to recreate Tammany Hall in Indianapolis, and Wilson is their spokesperson.

Anonymous said...

I was browsing through the FBI UCR's, and found something interesting.

In 1995, the Midwest's clearance rate for murder was about 70%, and for rape it was about 49%.

In 2005, (the latest year they have the data up online), the Midwest's clearance rate for murder was 54%, and for rape about 34%.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, did you ever think that the legislature would NEVER IN THEIR WILDEST DREAMS think that a township trustee, who is supposed to simply oversee poor relief would be a Tammany Hall landlord of THREE GIANT BUILDINGS that are NOT NEEDED to distribute poor relief??????

--Leave alone the thought that a Township Trustee would put a TAVERN in a GOVERNMENT building!!!!!

The thoughts of the Democraps are soooo outrageous that legislators NEVER thought writing laws prohibiting such outrageous conduct would be needed.