Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hall Killer's Trial Reset

AI reported last week that Coleman King's trial for the hate crime murder of Aaron Hall, originally scheduled for trial on Thursday of this week, had been continued until December. The trial date has now been scheduled for October 31 according to the Seymour Tribune. That's two weeks after the trial date for Garrett Gray, also accused in Hall's killing. Gray's trial is scheduled for October 16. Judge Bill Vance also made official at a hearing on Wednesday his decision to deny bail to King. Also, James Hendrix, a third man who aided King and Gray in dumping Hall's body, remains in jail on a $25,000 bond.

I was a guest on tonight's "John McMullen Show" on GAYBC. McMullen is in disbelief at the lack of attention paid to Hall's killing by the mainstream media. He was even more appalled to learn that leaders in Indiana's GLBT community have refused to embrace the case. And even more appalled that some in the community are arguing it wasn't even a hate crime. Click on GAYBC to listen to the interview. McMullen hopes the case gains the attention of national organizations. It is already on GLAAD's watch list after being reported by me.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up, Gary. THis is great news. Good for you!

Altho, I have to say that, after 10 minutes on the GAYBC site, I couldn't actually find your interview. :(

The more I read, the more I interview, the more I write...the more I realize that it's quite likely traditional media haven't picked this up *because* it's such a complex situation with no easy talking points. When does *that* kind of situation ever get the coverage it deserves?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Thanks, Denise. Don't feel bad. I couldn't figure out how to find it either. I will check with the shows producer.

Anonymous said...

Please do not quit covering this case. It needs to be heard. The good ole boys in the system would love nothing more than for this one to be swept under the rug, hence the concotion of the gay panic defense in the first place.
Aaron Hall deserves justice.

Anonymous said...

Here's what Terry Gray had to say when Anthony Stockelman requested to be released:
"I pray to God the chances are slim that he'll get out. To think that there would beeven a possibility that he would get out is just an absolute disgrace. The criminals are more protected than the victims are."
Gray had no comments about King's request.