Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Webber Takes On Gray

Indianapolis real estate attorney Kurt Webber announced today he will become the Republican candidate to fill a vacancy left open by this year's primary to oppose the re-election of City-County Council President Monroe Gray. The 8th District candidate made his announcement today at the closed north district police substation at 42nd and College. Webber's press statement reads:

“This closed police post is the perfect example of how out of touch many of our current officeholders are with the needs of our neighborhoods,” said Webber. “Monroe Gray knows that many of my neighbors--vulnerable senior citizens in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood--have been the targets of violent burglaries and attacks, yet he has not called for the reopening of the North District substation. He should admit his failure to fund enough police on our streets and should use his political clout to protect our neighbors.”

Webber also noted, “I believe that we must put at least 300 officers on our streets to be safe, and I will work to do that on the council if elected.”

Gray told The Indianapolis Star last year that “[w]hat’s the use in having the juice if you don’t use it?” when referring to actions he had taken on the council. In addition, Gray has been investigated for ethics violations and was involved in the controversial 300 East project that put a bar in a government building.

"I say lets use ‘juice’ for everyone, including Butler-Tarkington seniors!” Webber exclaimed. “We must protect our most vulnerable citizens or we have lost our way as a government."

"Kurt Webber is a breath of fresh air,” said local GOP chair Tom John. “He is dedicated to finding ways to combat our growing crime problems, and he is not afraid to speak out when incumbent councilors like Gray are putting their personal and political interests ahead of the needs of their constituents."

“Webber will be an outstanding choice to bring long-forgotten accountability back to this district,” John added.

Webber's press release notes he is a practicing attorney with extensive experience in real estate matters. He and his wife, Delise Aull Webber, M.D., are the parents of two young children. They attend Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church and have been active in numerous church and community activities for years.

It's good to see someone step forward and make the huge sacrifice it will take to unseat Gray. Historical voting patterns in this district don't bode well for a Republican candidate. Voters in the district need to take a hard look at these two candidates and decide whether Gray's self-dealing in office and lack of attention to the increasing crime problems in this district justify another term on the council. Maybe good government will win the day in this race.


Anonymous said...

I know Kurt he's a straightforward guy. The GOP couldn't have picked a better candidate.

Wilson46201 said...

Way to go in starting off a campaign with a bunch of negatives about his opponent -- kinda like poor Eric Dickerson starting off his congressional campaign with a local township zoning issue against the incumbent.

Doesn't Webber have anything positive to offer? Just negatives from the git? Oh well, he's a desperate last-minute appointment by the new Republican County Chair. Both have a lot to learn!

Anonymous said...

Its not your district Wilson, don't worry about it.

Anonymous said...

What can be said positive about Gray that is truthful?

That he's positively a crook and stupid to boot?

Wilson46201 said...

Libel from anonymous sources? Tsk, tsk, tsk!

It's easy to say the most scurrilous and unsubstantiated nonsense when hiding behind a false false and no name...

Is the GOP going to send volunteers door-to-door in that District wearing white hoods and handing out anti-Gray literature without legally required disclaimers?

Anonymous said...

Wilson, 6:07 simply asked questions.
No libelous statements were made.
Read the comments and answer the questions, if you can.

Anonymous said...

He pulled the Klan card pretty quickly, huh?

Which is what you do when your preferred candidate is not a very good public servant.

garyj said...

.. Gray is a personable guy. I've met him several times and he has always been polite and cordial. I think he's a good BS'er, but he is polite when he does it.

If Wilson doesn't like something, it's LIBEL, if he likes it, it must be true.
It was a question, Wilson, not an accusation.Learn the difference.
Are you stoned? (thats a question)

If Gray is so good, he would WELCOME the opposition, not fear it!

Anonymous said...

I live in Meridian Kessler. Over the past year, I have left messages and written Monroe Gray. Not once did I receive a response from him. As a property owner in this district, do I matter to Monroe Gray?

Conversely, I always get a response when I contact other council persons or my legislators in state or federal goverment.

I attended the city council meeting once and sat on the front row behind Monroe Gray with a couple friends and some wives of police officers. We held a few signs that expressed our opinions. The news crews were there and so was the famous INDY CHICKEN. The entire time we were watched by an intimidating man in a suit sitting beside Monroe Gray.

I felt like they were waiting for any chance they could to throw us out. That didn't happen, but the vibe was not friendly and I didn't get the feeling he was approachable.

I am excited about Kurt Webber's candidacy and cannot wait to meet him in person.

I will donate some money to help with Kurt Webber's campaign message. I'm all for him using his "juice" to reopen our precinct at 42nd and College.

I am so relieved that someone so qualified has stepped up to take on the job.

As soon as I heard Kurt Webber was running, I called his law office and left a message. Even though he announced his candidacy yesterday, he took the time to call me back in person.

That is more than I ever received from Monroe Gray or likely ever will.

Anonymous said...

Kurt Webber's candidacy announcement is already making Wilson more nuts than normal.

I can't believe he suggested that people would be campaigning for him in KKK garb. That is so absurd and shows how out of touch Wilson clearly is.

TO WILSON: Stop confusing race with ethics. The dislike of Monroe Gray by people in his district has nothing to do with his ethinic background. Our dislike of him has to do with his lack of "ethic".

Wilson46201 said...

The reason Kluxers wear hoods is to protect their identity and reputation while they do their dirty deeds -- online too many folk feel free to sling slander and lies while hiding behind the TCP/IP hood of "anonymous".

Anonymous said...

"online too many folk feel free to sling slander and lies while hiding behind the TCP/IP hood of "anonymous"."

Wilson where is the slander in these comments?

Please explain.

Cry-baby Wilson, nothing negative has been posted here except those KKK comments posted by you.

Anonymous said...

Wilson--what does a network protocol have to do with anonymity? Nothing of substance...kind of like a lot of your answers to most questions asked. However, if you're looking for the transfer protocol, that is what takes data from point A to point B, it's HTTPS in the case of this blog. Anonymity on the Internet technically it doesn't exist; however, for those of us that actually know the difference between tcp/ip and http, there are ways around that. Do you have wireless by chance?

Now..back to the topic...what CAN Councilor Gray offer the community or his district that he hasn't already proven himself incapable of doing?

Is it not libel to label GOP members or voters as Klansman? In some circles, calling the Commander in Chief a Klan member may get you a call from the Secret Service. Shameful to say the least; however, again, this diverts focus from the topic at hand.