Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More Legislative Retirements

The Indiana Daily Insight reports on Rep. Duane Cheney (D) making his retirement from the Indiana House of Represenatives official. That's the fourth legislative retirement since the beginning of the year, and it's not the last. The IDI suggests there could be at least four more retirements:

Duane Cheney (D) officially resigns from the House, following Bob Kuzman (D) who resigned Tuesday. We hear that at least one more Democrat (and not an attorney!) is also likely to leave, and perhaps three non-attorney Republicans, and rumors abound about even more.

Any speculation on who the Democrat and three Republicans are?


Wilson46201 said...

Sadly, it's the wrong Cheney that is resigning...

Anonymous said...


Wilson gets off a good one.

Can we put in requests for the retirees?

1. Bosma.
2. Bosma. Just in case he didn't get the message.
3. Espich. The Moe haircut doesn't work when you're 70, pal. And your fiscal policies suck.
4. Phil Hinkle.
5. John Day. Love the guy, but it's time.
6. Bill Cochran. Crooked as they come. Has been for 20 years.
7. Eric Turner. Don't get me started.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:58 AM EST

That was too funny. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Well, 8:24, to be honest, it was kinda like shooting fish in a barrel. The Indiana Legislature is America's worst. Without question. Lobbyists own the premises. Lock stock and jockstrap. And everyone knows it.

My grandfather, viewing his first legislative session in person a few years ago, remarked to me from the balcony:

"The village idiot needs his representation, but not so many of them."