Sunday, December 29, 2013

Indianapolis Homicide Rate Tops 140

There were three homicides in Indianapolis yesterday alone in case you didn't notice, bringing the total for the year to 143. IMPD will claim the number is much lower than that, but if you calculate the homicide rate the way it used to be calculated before IMPD implemented the Frank Straub crime statistic gathering system (as taught to him by NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton) that magically makes crime data appear rosier than it really is, that's the number you will get. It's the highest number of homicides since the city recorded 150 in 2006.

By the way, Straub's old boss Bill Bratton is returning as police commissioner of New York City, and his old counter-intelligence buddy John Miller from the FBI, who's been pretending to be a journalist at CBS News for the past several years while working for the CIA, is joining him at NYPD. The return of these two treacherous men to NYPD could signal the planning of another major false flag event in the Big Apple like 9/11.  You may recall that Straub rewarded Bratton's Altegrity Solutions after he recommended him for the job as Indy's Public Safety Director with a useless contract to flatter Straub with a glowing 49-page report on the police accountability measures he implemented at IMPD that cost taxpayers $71,000.

UPDATE: WRTV's Chris Proffitt puts Indy's homicide rate into perspective: it's higher than Chicago's rate.
An RTV6 analysis of the city's 2013 murder rate compared to Chicago's shows that Indy has seen approximately 10 percent more homicides per capita than the Windy City.
Chicago, with a population of more than 2.7 million, has reported 409 murders this year, according to, which tracks the city's crime rate. That puts it at roughly 15.1 murders per 100,000 residents.
Indianapolis, by comparison, has seen 140 homicides to its 822,000 citizens – a murder rate of 17 per 100,000 people.
It's also the first time the city has broken 100 murders since 2008.

IMPD officially acknowledges that 124 homicides have occurred this year, twenty less than the number recorded by Bart Lies. It categorizes another 16 deaths as "justifiable" as the reason for not counting them as homicides. Bart Lies has increased its number for the year to 144, adding an additional homicide after this post was first published.


Flogger said...

If the IMPD or our political leadership was serious about informing the Public, they should try to determine motive and release that information to the local media. If the local Media was at all inquisitive they would be asking a lot of questions. Are these gang or turf wars, random acts of violence, domestic violence, robberies, revenge killings?

I would also be interested in knowing, how many of the people were caught that committed the homicide? The vast majority of the homicides used firearms. So how did the person that committed the homicide obtain the weapon??

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis is a high-crime violent place.

As currently operated, IMPD can't do a thing about it.

If we got the cops out of cars and walking beats, we might be able to do something about crime, but cops have no interest in reducing real crime.

Cops work solely to raise revenues, intimidate the population, enjoy perks and benefits and be a government entirely unto themselves, accountable to no one.

Having a citizenry that fears and obeys the police is far more important to the cops than having safe neighborhoods.

Beat-walking, key clocks and police whistles could do something about crime.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Thanks and Happy New Year to Gary and both the commenters. Watching how CBS uses the traitorous John Miller to 'perform' on CBS caused me to conclude that he is a CIA asset, and I am wondering how you knew.

Hopefully he and Braittain and the other treasonous trash in NYC will not create false flags there now that at least a handful of Congressmen are trying to declassify the evidence that 911 was a false flag. Gordon Duff discusses this fact today as the featured article at Veteranstoday:

"Mossad, Bush Planned, Executed 9/11."

Paul K. Ogden said...

You don't get to not count a homicide as a homicide because it's "justified." it still counts.

Does the FBI know city officials are cooking the numbers?

Anonymous said...

I'm new to Indianapolis. I've lived in five states & 3 urban areas, and I tell you without a doubt that Indianapolis is a dirty, violent city. Any city that would spend millions on a bicycle / cultural trail in the midst of trash & debris blowing around in the streets is clueless. But, litter is the least of Indy's worries. The murder rate is sky-rocketing while most of the population is focused on the next sports event that will hail Indy as the greatest sports venue city in the U.S., or picketing the local bakery over not hosting a gay wedding - Wow, how crazy does it get when a wonderful young man was gunned-down just steps from where people are picketing for gay rights & cupcakes (reminds me of several months ago when the mayor of chicago was having press conferences on the evils of Chik-Fil-A while young people were being murdered in the streets......Sounds like Chicago & Indy are sister cities now.