Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Indiana Supreme Court Decision Allows Rockport Deal To Go Forward, Utility Consumers Be Damned

It's going to make hundreds of millions of dollars for political cronies of former Gov. Mitch Daniels, but it will hit the wallets of the state's natural gas users hard as they are forced to pay higher utility rates to finance Leucadia's coal gasification plant at Rockport. The Indiana Supreme Court's decision today turning back an appeal by opponents of the project ensures that the corrupt deal that should have been investigated by the FBI will go forward. “We won a complete and total victory,” said Leucadia projct manager Mark Lubbers boasted to the media. Lubbers is a former gubernatorial assistant to Gov. Daniels who was able to work the one-sided deal for Leucadia while drawing a paycheck as a contract employee of the governor's office. Indiana utility consumers will pay the price for this corrupt deal for decades to come, but as long as Mitch's buddies get super rich the Keith Bulen way at your expense, that's all that matters. The Indiana General Assembly shares a great deal of the blame because of its utter failure to exercise independent judgment, let alone represent their constituents, by giving their approval to the deal.


Anonymous said...

This is the most corrupt state in which I've ever lived, and I've never seen a place in which the government, itself, is so brazenly corrupt and so unified in advancing the corporate agenda.

This is truly fascism in action.

Anonymous said...

Connect the dots of appointments and connections therein with...and those leaving...It's coming...Doj is watching...

Flogger said...

Exactly at what point the Government began fixing the system to benefit certain selected companies or individuals is shrouded in history.

We do know today that it appears almost any Crony-Capitalism Scheme no matter how transparently beneficial to insiders at the expense of the majority will be approved by the Executive, Legislative or Judicial Branches of Government.

The idea of honest independent oversight to guard against Patronage, Insider deals and Crony-Capitalism is dead. Honest Oversight is not dying, it is a fossil.

The Mega-Media has been largely silent on this Rockport Scheme. This deal reported upon in bits and pieces by the Mega-Media should have been the target of full court press, with plenty of follow-up.