Thursday, December 19, 2013

Former Child Care Worker Charged With Theft And Forgery

Marion Co. Prosecutor Terry Curry filed theft and forgery charges against Marsha Thompson, the former executive director of the Indiana Association for Child Care Resource and Referral. Her agency receives funding from the Family & Social Services Administration. She is accused of filing fraudulent time sheets and spending more than $6,800 for personal use. According to the complaint, Thompson used a credit card issued to her agency to buy an airplane ticket, motel room, restaurant meals, bar tabs and other personal expenses for her and her boyfriend. According to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, state investigators learned of the theft and forgery while investigating another employee of the agency who told them about Thompson's use of the credit card for improper purposes. The fraudulent credit card charges allegedly began in January, 2011 and continued through March of this year. The fraudulent time sheets were submitted in June, 2012 according to the complaint.


Flogger said...

Wow, our Criminal Justice catches another minnow. A huge great white shark of corruption swims unmolested.

Anonymous said...

Really? This is Hogsett's activity?

Ballard gives away million in public funds right into the bank accounts of friends, but Hogsett goes after an under $10K case.

The U.S. Attorney used to have dollar limits for involvement. Small cases didn't merit referral to prosecution.

Has that pipeline entirely dried up?

Gary R. Welsh said...

This is the county prosecutor's case,not Joe Hogsett's.

Vjones31952 said...

This is the biggest travesty of justice I have ever seen!!! I have known Marsha Thompson for 22 years. The last sixteen of which she gave her blood, sweat and more time than 5 people could have put in helping to create, develop and nurture the very program she is accused of defrauding!!! I spent many hours with her over these past years listening to her enthusiasm and exuberance about this agency and there is NO WAY on God's earth she would have EVER done the things she has been openly accused of...especially from the lips of the person that stole several hundred thousand dollars from the program herself. Marsha's only crime is that she trusted a person that did not deserve to be trusted. I smell a rat somewhere in high places!