Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gov. George Ryan Released From Prison

 NBC 5 in Chicago has video showing former Illinois Gov. George Ryan after being released from the federal prison in Terre Haute where he has spent the last five and half years and entering a halfway house on Chicago's west side where he will spend an indeterminate amount of time. Ryan is accompanied by his son, George Ryan, Jr. and followed by former Illinois Gov. Jim Thompson, whose law firm defended Ryan during his prosecution in Chicago on public corruption charges arising out of a scheme by members of his administration when he served as the state's Secretary of State to sell driver's licenses to illegal aliens. Ryan had no comments for reporters. Thompson spoke briefly on his behalf.

UPDATE: Ryan's stay in the halfway house lasted only a few hours. The Chicago Tribune reports that he's now back at his home in Kankakee where he will be on home detention until the rest of his sentence is served.

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