Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Clinton Leaves Hospital For Unknown Destination

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton walked out of Columbia University Hospital in New York accompanied by her estranged husband former President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea where she was admitted over the weekend for treatment of a blood clot next to her brain caused by a concussion she sustained from a fall, life-threatening brain cancer or injuries sustained from a plane crash during a secret trip to Iran more than three weeks ago, tack your pick. They're all theories for her public absence this past month. Adding to the mystery is a CNN report, which claims Clinton was not officially released from the hospital despite the appearance of her walking out of the hospital earlier this afternoon. CNN speculated she might have been transferred to an unknown location for further treatment, noting that a man wearing a white coat departed with her. A State Department official tells CNN that Clinton is expected to make a full recovery but declined to comment on whether she would be able to testify to Congress on Benghazi before stepping down from her post.

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