Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Airport Authority Loses Court Battle To Eliminate Parking Competition

The Indianapolis Airport Authority has lost a court challenge it filed in an effort to block construction of a parking facility within Ameriplex which it fears will lure parking customers away from the airport. The Metropolitan Development Commission had approved a land use plan modification that paved for the Fast Park facility, but the airport authority hired an attorney and filed a declaratory judgment seeking to overturn the MDC's action. Judge Michael Keele, who was hearing the case, ruled the MDC acted within the law in approving the modification to Ameriplex's land use plan. Fellow blogger Pat Andrews has more on the decision here, which she hails as a victory for Decatur Township, which has been adversely impacted by so much land acquired by the airport authority over the years being taken off the property tax rolls.


Unigov said...

Rent seeking !


Unknown said...

Wayne Township also has hundreds of parcels off the tax roles because of the airport. Many have been proven to be disqualified for tax-exemption, but of course, nothing happened to put them back on.
In the meantime, Wayne Township is slowly withering away on the vine, with MANY MANY businesses around the "old airport" entrance, closed and gone, some due to the economy, but many due to Bart Peterson "selling" the airport to Hendricks County, where 10's of brand new business buildings have been built around the new Hendricks Country entrance to the airport.