Friday, September 07, 2012

A Different Title For Frank Straub

Spokane Mayor David Condon recently announced former Indianapolis Public Safety Director Frank Straub as his choice to become the city's new police chief, but when his name goes before the city council for approval, he will be up for a different position, director of law enforcement. That's because it's been so many years since Straub has been a commissioned police officer that he will have to receive new training unless he can obtain a waiver from the state of Washington. Local TV station KREM in Spokane explains:

Frank Straub has to become a commissioned officer to hold the title of Spokane Police Chief. Due to Straub’s federal law enforcement background, it might take a little longer for that to happen.
Mayor Condon announced Frank Straub as the future Spokane Chief of Police on Wednesday during a press conference.
The Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission grants officer commissions in the state. Straub has one year to receive his commission after starting work according to the City of Spokane.
Straub comes with years of federal experience, but a federal commission isn't recognized in the State of Washington. Straub may have to attend basic law enforcement academy.
The City of Spokane has requested a waiver, and has asked the new chief attend a nine week online course instead of the 720 hour police academy . . .
Once Straub completes the nine week course, he will receive his Peace Officer Certification.
If the academy waiver is not granted, the city will "cross that bridge when they come to it," City of Spokane Public Affairs Officer Marlene Feist.
Ironically, the City of Indianapolis faced the same obstacle after Mayor Greg Ballard canned IMPD Chief Paul Ciesielski and named one of Straub's associates, Rick Hite, as the city's interim police chief. After Hite's appointment was announced months ago, it was learned that he was similarly ineligible to become the city's new police chief because he was not a certified Indiana law enforcement officer. Hite is still seeking a waiver from the state that would permit him to avoid the training new police officer candidates are required to undergo before they can become sworn police officers. Hite is sharing responsibilities with other members of IMPD's leadership while he attempts to become a certified Indiana police officer.


Indy Rob said...

How about that.. two different states have laws that require the guy/gal placed in charge of a police department to be a trained policeman..and mayors in those two different states are both trying to bypass those pesky state laws to place their non-qualified choice in charge.

varangianguard said...

That waiver thing just failed for Cincinnati's newest "police chief". He came from an out of state PD previously, at least.

CircleCityScribe said...

Frank Straub has NEVER been a police officer. He has NO police training. Unless political interference takes place, there will be no waiver of police training.

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