Sunday, September 09, 2012

Marion County's Past Three Sheriffs All Still On The Payroll

An observant reader had an astute reaction to a letter to the editor former Marion County Sheriffs Joe McAtee, Jack Cottey and Frank Anderson submitted to the Indianapolis Star praising their successor, Sheriff John Layton, and defending him from so-called "partisan politics." All three are on Layton's payroll. That's right. The last three sheriffs are all drawing handsome paychecks from the Marion County Sheriff's Office since leaving office because they were limited by the Indiana Constitution from seeking another term after serving two, four-year terms. The three former sheriffs wrote to the Star to complain about the office being underfunded:

Collectively, we have more than 125 years of law enforcement experience. We have served the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the Indianapolis Police Department and the U.S. Marshals Service. While we are both Democrat and Republican, we feel that public safety is too important for partisan politics . . .
Proper funding for the jail system and inmate medical care remains the crux of the sheriff’s current funding challenges. In office only 18 months, Sheriff John Layton should be commended for his deep commitment to his constitutional obligations and yet administering his office in a frugal fashion.
Having been in his shoes, we appreciate Sheriff Layton’s efforts during these trying financial times. Thus, we fully support the sheriff’s efforts to work with all the stakeholders, Democrat and Republican alike, to properly protect our citizens.
Nowhere in their letter do the three former sheriffs note their financial stake in Sheriff Layton's budget. McAtee works as a lieutenant colonel in the sheriff's department. To our surprise, we also learned that both Cottey and Anderson are under contract as consultants to Sheriff Layton. Cottey is paid $2,916.66 a month as a "public safety consultant," while Anderson is paid $2,916.66 a month under a professional services agreement. I would like to see proof that either of these men actually perform any services of value in consideration for their nearly $3,000 a month consulting fees. Perhaps someone in the mainstream media can dig further into this.

Layton also has former Public Safety Director Robert Turner under contract to providing training services. He was paid $12,000 in January and $1,000 a month thereafter to provide training services. Turner is now an attorney in private practice who has represented plaintiffs suing the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Layton continues to pay out tens of thousands of dollars every month to the law firm of Frost Brown & Todd to represent the sheriff's office in litigation instead of using the services of the city's corporation counsel's office. The firm has been paid more than $350,000 during the first six months of this year. The contracted services are all paid out of the sheriff's commissary fund, which derives its revenues from charges paid by jail inmates for pay telephone usage and food and drink vending services.


Jon said...

Perhaps the sheriff's department would have more money in it's budget if they did not provide fully equipped patrol cars to a department without any traffic or arrest duties.

Ben said...

Nice try on the witch hunt. but you failed to do all of your homework .McAtee is an employee and runs the MECCA system. Hes also set to retire soon.

As for the other two, your on target.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Does he not wear a sheriff's uniform, Ben? Is that for reserve officer duty?

Ben said...

Gary, Nope, Joe McAtee is not a reserve, he oversees the entire communications system for IMPD,Fire..etc.The other two don't wear the uniform.

and yes, Joe McAte does wear a uniform.

CircleCityScribe said...

Hey, Ben, a quick phone call answered your error. Joe McAtee is a lieutenant colonel on the Sheriff's Dept. There is no such thing as a "MECCA system"....Gary does an excellent job of checking his facts.

Although McAtee has no emergency duties, he gets a take home car. Why? His only duty is to drive to and from the workplace like everyone of us taxPAYERS!

Now, I'd like to see a full report of what Frank Anderson (D) and Robert Turner (D) do for the sheriff! -Do they have "make-work, do-nothing" political patronage jobs? Where is their work product?

As for money issues, if Joe McAtee, Jeff Dine, Sharon Tabard, Diane Vanarsdall, and Barbara Huser were removed from the sheriff's payroll today, nobody would notice!

-Do they all have "make-work, do-nothing" political patronage jobs? How many such positions does the Sheriff use our tax money to pay for?

CircleCityScribe said...

Geeezzzzz, Ben, this is not a good day for you. Please check your facts.

Joe McAtee is in a political patronage position as "lieutenant colonel" of the Sheriff's Dept. He serves at the pleasure of the Sheriff.

Joe McAtee's position is an executive over the Sheriff's Dispatch center. He has no connection with IMPD, fire, or etc. The Sheriff's dispatch center dispatches law enforcement agencies in Marion County, although not all of them. That means they answer the phone and the police radio.

Please trust Gary. His facts are more correct than any news media I am aware of.

Jon said...

Gee, it appears that the real claim to fame our former sheriffs have is staying on the public dole. Now that's an endorsement!

The burbs said...

Wow, Cottey is complaining about only getting 3 grand a month? What about the millions that he has scammed off of the taxpayers over the past few decades? What about that Washington township contract that he somehow secured with no bids, just so he could jack up the price as high as possible at the taxpayer expense. The security company he works for got there share, but who got the difference? Such a crook. When will the FBI finally take this clown down?

Unknown said...

Jeff Dine? Is employed by the MCSO? What are his position and duties?
Wasn't he the republican who was chief of police at Speedway, and president of the Wayne Township Republican Club?
Does anybody else wonder if maybe the public is being hoodwinked by "the club?"