Thursday, February 04, 2010

Plowman's Home Raided By FBI?

FOX 59 News' Russ McQaid is reporting tonight that FBI agents raided the home of City-County Councilor Lincoln Plowman today. Here's what he is saying:

FBI sources tell FOX 59 agents analyzed multiple items inside Indianapolis republican Lincoln Plowman's home in Franklin Township Thursday. No details were given relating to what was found.

Plowman, the Franklin Township Councilman who this week was placed on administrative leave from his duties as a Metro Police Major, is still on the job representing Marion County's 25th District.
But here's the bigger picture on this story:

Sources are telling FOX 59 News Councilman Plowman's administrative leave is part of a bigger investigation that is focusing on alleged abuse of power by Marion County politicians.
This could get big real fast. Hold on, folks. The ride could be quite a wild one.

UPDATE: FOX 59 News has pulled from its website references to an FBI raid on Plowman's home without explanation.


Sean Shepard said...

In speaking with Abdul off air earlier today I got the impression that there was not actually a raid on Plowman's home. That might be why the story was pulled.

From what Abdul posted yesterday I definitely got the impression he a put a lot of time into trying to track down this story.

I'm also aware from a third party source that Plowman is maintaining that he's not done anything illegal.

It'll be interesting to see how all of this develops and what it's all really about.

Diana Vice said...

Is it any wonder that lifelong Republicans are getting fed up with the once-Grand Old Party? It's time to either clean it up locally and nationally or get out of it!

Gary R. Welsh said...

Sorry, Sean, but Abdul's out of the loop. The good sources are no longer talking to him because he simply runs back and reports everything he learns to his corrupt friends and then spreads propaganda on his radio talk show and blog to run interference for them. Abdul is not on the public's side. He has reported blatantly false information about Dems and then simply offering the excuse that I only said it was a rumor and didn't say it was true. If you would open your eyes, you would see that.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I would add that, if Abdul were in the loop, he would know that questions are being asked about how Plowman was able to get a mortgage on a home he purchased last year for $267,000 after the home he already owned that was worth less than half that amount had been foreclosed on.

Unknown said...

Lincoln was sued for failure to pay his mortgage on 6739 Kunkel, a small house that cost him around $125,000 in 2005.


He was in court about four months on that and then suddenly was able to "cure the defect." If he could not make the payments on a $125,000 house, and had impaired credit from being sued for foreclosure, then how in the world did he have enough money to allegedly go in on a $10M land deal in La Scala in the Naples/Bonita Springs, Florida area with Carl Brizzi and Tim Durham? The alleged deal that defaulted on the note? You know, Naples where Durham's partner Jim Cochran scored a $3.5M mansion and Bonita Springs where Tim's small town Seymour, Indiana parents scored an $800,000 villa? And then after that default still have the credit to buy a $260,000 house in Franklin Township last June 2009, in a credit mkt like we had last summer?

Sean Shepard said...

I'm fairly agnostic on news sources. There are some who are perceived as too close to some administrations and others who are perceived as just constantly bitter and throwing rocks. Personally, I'm not interested in the personality conflicts and squabbles between folks.

At the end of the day, I've found that some of the bloggers (like our good host here at AI) and folks like Abdul do more detailed, investigative kind of reporting and commentary than the mainstream traditional media sources do or are able to do in their 60 second sound bite news segments.

I don't think I have any presumption that Abdul is on "the public's side" and he would probably even tell you that he is on "his side". Goodness knows he drives me nuts sometimes but I also know Abdul just likes to be counter and to argue. Like that Monty Python skit where somebody walks in and pays for an argument.

Unknown said...

Remember that nice campaign funds report where Plowman had a large purchase to Fry's Electronics (with funds donated in part by Buert Ser Vaas, grandfather of Timothy S Durham, Jr and Tim Durham's ex-father in law?

Why in the world would a major in the Indianapolis police department need to use his PO Box on Emerson to purchase electronic survaillance equipment, claiming he is a "private investigator?"

And, did the money come from campaign funds? After all, this is a guy who got sued for foreclosure on a $125,000 house.

And why have a p.o. box clear across town on the north side of Indy when you live way south in Franklin Township?

WQBI690 Scanner Frequencies

Industrial/Business Pool, Conventional

7915 S. EMERSON AVENUE, #296
Phone: 317-557-7594


Control Point 1: 7915 S. EMERSON AVENUE, #296, INDIANAPOLIS, MARION COUNTY, IN, Phone: 317-557-7594

464.50000 Mobile Relay - Itinerant, 35 watt(s), 1 unit(s), Itinerant, Transmit Location
464.55000 Mobile Relay - Itinerant, 35 watt(s), 1 unit(s), Itinerant, Transmit Location
469.50000 Mobile - Itinerant, 35 watt(s), 12 unit(s), Itinerant, Transmit Location

Downtown Indy said...

Lisa, that is a UPS store drop box at Stop 11 and SOUTH Emerson.

The more interesting question is why was Plowman apparently operating as a 'private investigator' while an IMPD officer, or was he perhaps just fronting as one for somebody who wanted to keep tabs on his business partners? If he was doing PI work, shouldn't that show up as off-duty employment in IMPD records? It's my unerstanding they must apply for, and get supervisor approval for ODE.

Downtown Indy said...

By the way, Plowman's FCC application dates back to 2004:

FCC license search

and the 'contact info' lists

Skylines Unlimited Inc.

which is some travel agency/tour operator in Pennsylvania

Southsider said...

DI..nothing better to do than Google search...the contact person in his FCC application is also the contact for numerous FCC licenses..if anyone wants to look at them..copy and paste the following -one at a time- in your browser;JSESSIONID_ULSSEARCH=cvnQKmMCZ2DG4MxVHT1T5yMqxrXpBvDz5WPQ1Gb6DzqrZDln2B3s!1688228674!428977560?licKey=1922394&printable

Downtown Indy said...

Yeah, They seem to be a small (1 empoyee, $68k annual) wholesaler of commercial 2-way radios. So they probably submit relvant FCC paperwork for a fee, too.


Cato said...

Delete my last post. I can't find a single 'Smith' in the system, either. I think Access Indiana is just its usual sucky self.

Marycatherine Barton said...

If this FBI investigation can get professional politicians to behave better, then yea. What a ride this promises to be.

SOLD said...

Lincoln Plowman paid $126.945 for his home at 6739 Kunkel Way on August 13, 1999. He sold it for $120,000 on March 3, 2009 at a loss of around $10,000 after all selling expenses were paid. After cashing in a retirement fund he had paid into as he served as a Marion County Sheriff, he was able to cover this amount and put down a small amount on his present home. He has a substantial monthy mortgage payment.

SOLD said...

Additional Comment:

New home was $234,087, VA loan.