Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Exclusive: Another City-County Councilor Under Investigation

A well-placed source tells me FBI agents showed up at IMPD today to question City-County Councilor Lincoln Plowman, a high-ranking officer in the department. I'm told Plowman quickly lawyered up. Chief Michael Spears ordered Plowman suspended according to my source. He was forced to turn over his badge and gun and received a police escort home. Mayor Greg Ballard had originally promoted Plowman to head up IMPD's Investigations division. Plowman was quietly removed from that position without explanation a short time later. Plowman holds the rank of Major in the administration division. I'll update you as I learn more on this developing story.

UPDATE: FOX 59 News' Russ McQuaid just confirmed from an IMPD spokesperson that Plowman has been placed on administration leave because of an FBI investigation. He says the FBI would neither confirm nor deny an ongoing investigation of Plowman.


Nick said...

Plowman always creeped me out whenever I had to deal with him, and he made several extremely inappropriate comments to me before a committee meeting once.

I've also heard very unsavory things about him from some of his colleagues.

Unknown said...

Tim Durham is like a nuclear bomb, man

Everything he touched seems to be contaminated

Downtown Indy said...

Indystar says he's hired Jim Voyles. Must have taken out a 2nd mortgage for that.

artfuggins said...

Plowman has always reminded me of the kid in 4th grade who sat in the back of the room and picked his nose!!

Paul K. Ogden said...


You have the wrong idea about Voyles. He represented my university secretary in a battery case against her husband. She makes $15,000 a year. She has no political pull whatsoever. He just thought she was being screwed over and took the case. He charged her very little.

Voyles is not above cutting his fees for certain people. If it's someone whose cause he believes in or maybe a pol with some pull, he'll discount his rates to get the case.

Unknown said...


That may be true in your case but it also may be true that he saw the bigger picture of your referrals.

Plowman is going to be work, and it is becoming rapidly apparent that he has knowledge related to Durham. I don't believe Voyles took him as charity work and we all know he didn't take Durham as charity work.

artfuggins said...

Paul, I share your respect for Jimmy Voyles. He has a lot of high profile clients but he also does lots of representation for us little people for little or nothing.