Friday, March 20, 2009

And They Thought Bush Was Bad

The blunders by President Barack Obama are piling up. He insults our greatest ally, Great Britain, by slighting Prime Minister Gordon Brown during a formal visit to the U.S., treating him like an ordinary visitor to the White House and presenting him and his family with inappropriate gifts. We learned that he pocketed a $500,000 advance on a book deal, continuing his unprecedented trend of profiteering off his celebrity status before even being sworn into office. His administration belatedly admits that it approved the $170 million in retention bonuses for AIG executives, which he is now decrying. Obama hired a tax cheat to run the Treasury Department and a convicted thief to serve as the government's chief technology adviser. The teleprompter president thanked himself while reading the wrong lines from a teleprompter he never leaves home without. He makes a late-night TV appearance on the Jay Leno show where he compared his bowling skills to the Special Olympics. Did Bush even come close to making this many blunders so early into his presidency?


Concerned Taxpayer said...

WHERE'S THE MEDIA OUTRAGE!? If a republican had made the rude comment about Special Olympics like Obama did on Jay Leno, it would be the lead story for two weeks!

Anonymous said...

Obama is nothing more than a shill who was spotted by Brzezinski during a Russian studies class at Columbia.

Bush was drawn from a family with historic ties to Wall Street/CIA dominance over Washinton. His role was to continue where Clinton left off, using control of the White House to build a foundation for a global system. Clinton's leanings were recognized at Princeton (his former roommate is a family friend), landing him in the Rhodes program at Oxford, which explains his Fabian approach in contrast to the more forceful approach implemented by the Bush's.

But Obama was different. He wasn't chosen and graduated into successively higher office because of nepotism (and it's inherent loyalty), or because he displayed convictions of global socialism and a talent to motivate and lead like Clinton. Obama was chosen because he could be molded.

And that is the most frightening part. I can think of few individuals in modern history who were plucked from obscurity and placed in high office. Of those that come to mind, their intended role was to implement disaster, while the real folks in power sat behind the throne and escaped implication.

Obama's activities during his campaign and since entering the White House are definitely a concern to me. But... the biggest concern is how his background and his promotion to high office is closely paralleled to historic periods of unfathomable human suffering. The look and feel of Obama make him seem more like an instrument than a leader. My biggest concern is that he's been deemed an "expendable" asset, as a means to finalize plans to convince Americans (by putting us through hell) that only a global solution will solve our economic crisis, and to convince the world (by picking up the pace of war once an expected crisis is generated) that only global solutions will provide assurance of lasting peace.

Russell said...

Well, you can't say that his error isn't going to be the lead story for two weeks because it's only been 24 hours! It's been the lead story all day, in every media outlet everywhere.

Zookeeper29 said...

The Obama Administration: combining the worst of the Clinton Administration and that of the Carter Administration.

Kevin in Brownsburg said...

"You're just saying that because he's black". My 22 year old nieces response to me after I made a similar point. This crew is incompetent from top to bottom. Anyone else get chills when the myopic AG Holder said that they would RELEASE some of the Gitmo scum in America? Yeah, that'll end good. Can anyone say Beslan?