Thursday, March 26, 2009

Schneider Confirms Alcohol Tax Rumor To Bail Out CIB

The Star's Mary Beth Schneider confirms what I learned from a legislator yesterday during our State House rally that there are discussions among legislative leaders of raising the state's alcohol tax to bail out the CIB. "Negotiations are under way in the legislature to bail out the financially struggling Capital Improvement Board, possibly by raising alcohol taxes," Schneider writes. "The CIB, which operates Indianapolis's professional stadiums, is facing a $20 million shortfall this year, and that could grow if the Indiana Pacers, which are losing money, are unable to pay their $15 million share of the costs of Conseco Fieldhouse." She adds, "The CIB would have to make up that money somehow, and already has done such things as cutting funding to the arts."


guy77money said...

So now the whole state gets to bail out Indy's sports teams. I would be curious to know whether the legislators up north near Chicago and South Bend will be willing to jump on board the sports train. Hmmm any luck with the list of attendees at Simon's trek down south?

MarionCountyTaxpayer92 said...

There is a current bill in the Senate that would allow taxpayers in Marion County to have the same voice that every other taxpayer in Indiana has. Marion County is the only county that allows appointed bodies to make tax abatement issues, instead of elected officials. Taxpayers have no voice in Marion County, how does one hold an appointed body accountable??

Senator Lawson, chair of Local Government is refusing to hear the bill because the mayor is against it.

Call Senator Lawson & the Marion County Senators and tell them taxpayers have had enough of free tax abatements given to whoever befriends the mayor.

Senator Lawson 232-9414

Senator Delph 232-9488

Senator Lubbers 232-9466

Senator Merritt 232-9533

Senator Miller 232-9489

Senator Young 232-9517

Senator Waltz 232-9814

Senator Taylor 232-9847

Senator Breaux 232-9461

Jon said...

There was an article on the Star most of the day about the proposed new tax but strangely it is now gone. Most be one of the side benefits of the Cancun trip, selective reporting.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

I've got a GREAT idea on how the CIB can make up their shortfall!

Tell the Pacers and the Colts that WE are out of money, and they will have to $hit or leave town.

ShareYourVoice said...

Taking action is easy and won't take much of your time, but it will make a giant difference: CLICK THE LINK and fill out the form to join the fight against irresponsible and regressive taxes.

"This will cost jobs in our industry— including those of small business owners, servers and bartenders like you who are the lifeblood of our economy. We need your personal involvement and help“

Thank you