Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Miller Wants Constitutional Amendment To Repeal Property Tax

Having reached the half-way point in his legislative quest to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to discriminate against same sex couples, Advance America's Eric Miller is launching a new effort to amend Indiana's Constitution to repeal the property tax. Describing property taxes as a "weed" that will continue to grow back if you don't pull it out by its roots, Miller says the only solution is to repeal property taxes "completely and permanently through a Constitutional Amendment."

To promote the amendment, Miller has created a new website, Repealpropertytaxes.com, which allows visitors to record their support for the proposed amendment. Ever the self-promoter, the home page of the site says it is "hosted by Eric Miller and Advance America, Inc." Advance America's legal name is actually "Citizens Concerned for the Constitution, Inc." according to the Indiana Secretary of State records. "Advance America" is an assumed business name, which the organization shares with a Spartanburg, South Carolina company that is in the cash advance business.

You have to give the guy credit; he bilks Advance America's not-for-profit status for all it's worth. The property tax repeal effort will give people an excuse for making more tax-deductible contributions to him (I mean the organization), and it will aid him in expanding his already large database of names to spread the message of the Christian right in Indiana. Just think of it as a cash advance for Miller for all his good work on behalf of "pro-family", "pro-church," and "pro-business" Hoosiers.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is abused-child-syndrome, but I'd rather that he spend time focused on the property tax than that he keeps coming after me as a gay person.

Anonymous said...

However, his new efforts only serve to help him expand his base and generate more income, which he will definately use to continue 'coming after' us as gay people.

Anything he does is harmful to us as a community.