Tuesday, May 02, 2006

SVRS and Voter ID Law Pose No Problem In This Election

For blood-thirsty Democrats in Indiana hoping for total failure of the Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS) and complications from the state's new voter ID law, today's election turned out to be a big bust. SVRS is "working well" reports AJ Feeney-Ruiz of the Secretary of State Todd Rokita's office. And, save for the little bit of confusion Rep. Julia Carson's congressional ID card caused at her polling place, there have been no major problems reported with the voter ID law according to AJ.

AJ says, "The polling place locator and public portal functions of the system {SVRS} continue to be a huge asset to voters." An early breakdown shows that 4,500 voter searches per hour have been conducted today by election officials. That means that only 35% of SVRS' server capacity is being utilized.

The Secretary of State's office received reports that at least two Marion Co. precincts were not asking voters to present a photo ID as required by the voter ID law. Once county officials were made aware of this, the problem was addressed according to AJ. These were probably precincts where the Marion Co. GOP failed to provide election workers and Democrats had to come up with workers to staff the precincts.

There also hasn't been much to report in the way of election day fraud. The primary complaint thus far has been limited to candidates placing their campaign signs too close to polling places, something that happens every election.

The Star and wire service reports confirm what the Secretary of State's office is reporting for those keeping tabs on us.

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