Friday, May 05, 2006

Walker The Flogger

Senate District 41 candidate Greg Walker (R) is getting some support for his bizarre proposal to implement flogging as a form of criminal punishment, although we doubt it is the kind of support he was hoping for. The new site,, cites a letter-to-the-editor Walker sent to the Columbus Republic nearly three years ago, long before he decided to step into politics. Walker wrote then:

Flogging would have a high deterrent factor, be inexpensive, would not keep the perpetrator from working to support himself and any dependents, could be administered swiftly, and most importantly, would alter behavior. If properly, publicly administered, the corporal punishment would steer the offending citizen to chose constructive recreational alternatives to drug abuse.

This is just the beginning of the effort to marginalize Walker after his upset win over Senate President Pro Tem Bob Garton in Tuesday's primary. And so far, he's making that pretty easy for his opponents.


Jeff Newman said...

Don't forget, it was the organized religious right who got "The Flogger" Elected.

We need to remind people that this clown is the candidate of choice for people like Micah Clark of the American Family Association. Micah and his ilk own the Flogger.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I agree Jeff. If Democrats really played it right, they could make him the poster boy for all that is wrong with the Christian right takeover of the Republican Party in this state.

Marla R. Stevens said...

Just think, The Flogger and Micah Clark and ilk are trying to make Indiana the new mecca for extreme sexual masochists who will then become visible scofflaws in order to gain the punishment that so pleases them. Who'd've thunk it? I can just see the workshop titles at Living in Leather conferences and realtor ads in Chicago's and Louisville's dungeons and leather stores! SoMo on the Wabash!!

It would, of course, do nothing to deter addicts who, if they are capable of reasoning at all, will ask, "Do I buy the drug that offers only a very remote chance of prosecution and corporal punishment or do I spend my day puking my guts out and otherwise going through the horrendously painful throes of withdrawal?", and will choose the former.

Unfortunately, the Religious Political Extremist takeover of the state's Republican Party will advance whether or not The Flogger is elected because the seat in contention is not permanently assigned the President Pro Tem's job, much as it's appeared to have been in the past. Without Garton's tempering influence, Indiana might as well be known as 'Hoosierland on the Rio Grande', so closely will it conform to the Texas model of far-right creep!