Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Trump To Hold Rally At State Fairgrounds

Donald Trump will conduct a rally at the Indiana State Fairgrounds' Blue Ribbon Pavilion on Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. according to local news reports. Advance Indiana does not receive any communications from the incompetent Trump campaign as it does from other presidential campaigns so we're just passing along what we read elsewhere. Anyone can get free tickets to the event, including people who want to go and protest and harass Trump and his supporters simply by clicking here. Incidentally, it looks like Mike Pence continues being Mr. Stupid. He plans to endorse a candidate before the Indiana primary, as if he doesn't already have enough problems with his own re-election campaign. Why not piss off more people within his own party?

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Anonymous said...

http://freedomsback.com/pat-buchanan/is-the-gop-risking-suicide/ We all know how faithful Indiana Republicans are to any "rules" that might impede what they want to do. Can't any of these guys play ball (Casey Stengel) ? It could be modified to ask if any of the trunk bearers can count to 500?