Monday, April 25, 2016

Bobby Knight To Join Donald Trump Rally In Indy Wednesday Evening

Donald Trump will be joined by Indiana basketball coach great Bobby Knight at a second rally he has planned for Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. at the Indiana Farmer's Coliseum at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Register to get your tickets here.


Anonymous said...

I early voted yesterday, listening to the poll workers, they stated they've never seen so many early voters before. They also said they talked with the voter registration folks, they said one the last day of registration is was something they have never seen before. The water cooler talk just from my experience is everyone is sick and tired of the establishment, both Democrat and Republicans.
I look for a landslide of establishment defeats in the upcoming primary election, and the local media will act so surprised when this guy or that girl is defeated.
This election is the most important election in my lifetime, please go and vote for your candidate, don't just talk about it.
This is so important to people like Bobby Knight, show up to endorse a candidate, the stacks are high, people are putting their reputations on the line on this one.

Anonymous said...

I do not recall Bob Knight EVER coming out like this to endorse a Presidential candidate. To say that Knight is not conservative is pure idiocy.He may be a lot of things but stupid he isn't. He reads a lot and is a serious student of history.

Anonymous said...

He's also a loud mouthed bully and it's fitting he'd back Trump.

Flogger said...

I just read an article where Unions are alarmed at Trump's appeal among their membership. Trump along with Bernie Sanders has spoken out against all the trade deals that have sent American Jobs to Mexico and China. The Wall Street establishment Democrats and Republicans have collaborated and colluded since Bill Clinton was president to line the pockets of the Multi-National Corporations at the expense of American Workers. Unions and some Democrats have mounted some resistance in the past, but they have been swept away and largely neutered.

There is new trade deal in the works. It is the China Bilateral Investment Treaty (China BIT. This is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) all over again – a trade deal that’s come under major fire for giving away America’s jobs and consumer and worker protections – but negotiated directly with a country that’s perhaps the most notorious in the world for its own human rights violations, repression of free speech, and anti-democratic crackdowns.

A Trade Deal like this would seem to defy logic. The NEO-CONs are all in lather about China's growing military power and economic power in Asia, at the same time we close our factories and ship jobs to China. The Multi-National Corporations have no allegiance to any country, it is all about profit.

When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use. Joseph Stalin
Read more at:

Stalin was a bit premature, but he got the intent correct. Stalin had one other observation worth quoting - >> The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're a loudmouth bully, too Anon 8:28. Instead of simply parroting what the MSM tells you, why not try thinking fit yourself?

Anonymous said...

Knight a student of history? That's delusional!

He's an over paid Phys Ed teacher, that's how he started out at IU.


Anonymous said...

Now, why on earth would Bill Clinton go to Evansville? Had to chuckle at the thought of Bernie at Purdue.

Anonymous said...

11:01, Knight graduated with a degree in government and history from Ohio State in 1962. He was head basketball coach at The United States Military Academy at West Point prior to coming to Indiana in 1971. While at West Point he unsuccessfully recruited my older brother from high school here in Indiana in 1968.
Sorry to inform you that a PE major he's not. He is extraordinary well learned on far more American history than most college professors.

Anonymous said...

Knight started at IU as Head Coach of Men's Basketball. He never taught a class at IU because he was never hired to do that. He was head basketball at IU for cryin out loud, they don't teacha PE class idoit!

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump and Bobby Knight should have a chair throwing contest before he speaks. That would be a great way to kick off the rally IMO. I'm serious.

Anonymous said...

People who don't like Bobby Knight are the same sort of need-to-be-beaten-up wimps who don't like Donald Trump.

The enemies of those who want to make America great again need to be driven out of our country.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Can't wait. I did call Governor Pence's office and ask him to assure us attendees safety in the parking lot at the Indiana State Fair, as we leave. I also left a message for the Superintendent of the Stat4 Police. From what I saw on tv from the last rally, I would hope they are on alert to protect us tioket holders as we leave. And as far as those who disrupt, even though Trump has Secret Service protection, there is an anti-protect law signed by Obama himself, that the Governor, mayors and all responsible for the police, SHOULD be enforcing.

Melyssa Hubbard said...

I'm attending this rally and cannot wait!


A cuban friend of mine attended the first rally. He said there were more women than men and the crowd was diverse and extremely polite. He said opposition of Black Lives Matters protesters were there trying instigate trouble.

It's very important Trump supporters continue to not take the bait.