Monday, April 11, 2016

Obama Attorney General Coming To Town To Recognize IMPD For Officer Safety And Wellness

Given the racial divisions the Justice Department has deliberately fostered throughout President Barack Obama's two terms in office, a visit by the Attorney General to praise the efforts of our local police department must be met with a bit of skepticism. The Star is reporting that Loretta Lynch will visit Indianapolis on Wednesday and tour IMPD's training academy and the East District police headquarters located in that infamous Regional Operations Center that cost Indianapolis taxpayers dearly as part of kickback scheme to former Mayor Greg Ballard's campaign contributors.

IMPD signed on to support President Obama's 21st Century Policing during the prior administration when then-Public Safety Director Troy Riggs and former IMPD Chief Rick Hite traveled to the White House for that purpose. One of pillars of the Obama's 21st Century Policing rests on greater transparency, which has never been one of the department's strengths. Lynch's visit will not be highlighting transparency. She's here to call attention to IMPD's efforts at officer safety and wellness. "U.S. Attorney Josh J. Minkler said IMPD was chosen because of its award-winning Office of Professional Development and Police Wellness," The Star reports. Does the department's officer wellness program include badgering whistle blowers within the department and threatening their careers?


Anonymous said...

The fact that Pence was foolish enough to appoint Rick Hite to be head of the state civil rights commission is reason enough to not vote for him this Novemeber.

Anonymous said...

I support almost any attempt to bolster the beleaguered Indiana name and reputation, and I think Pence has battered us on the national stage too many times to have my respect. But we have gone from problem to problem with our police force, and aren't we dismantling our public safety office as we speak. These must be desperate times. Does Loretta Lynch realize we just demoted the black chief? I don't dislike the woman. I'll try to keep an open mind. If she says something good about Indiana and it makes the national news, she has my support. Do you hear that Pence. Sometimes its about supporting the brand, and the people instead of your forsaken religion, which I for one am sick of hearing you preach about when you should be taking care of business.

Anonymous said...

Ahahahahaha "Pence has battered us"...... that explains the community policing that was brought here by socialists that wanted to make our sister shitty Baltimore!

Ahahahahaha are you a farmer? It appears you have straw for sale!

Ahahahahahah the more important questions is......Will you be moving!