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Investigative Journalist Ties Cruz' Father To Oswald In New Orleans

Oswald in New Orleans in 1963 with a man Madsen claims is Rafael Cruz on his right
Anyone who has studied the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has understood the key role Cuban-Americans working for the CIA played in the intelligence community plot to kill Kennedy in Dallas, Texas in 1963. Government disinformation agents immediately played up Lee Harvey Oswald's supposed ties to the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in New Orleans prior to Kennedy's assassination, which was supposedly a pro-Castro organization created by the Soviet Union. More realistically, it was a CIA front group since most of the people associated with the organization in New Orleans, including Oswald, had all worked for the CIA in some capacity. Warren Commission records proving Oswald's ties to the CIA and FBI have remained sealed since the release of the Commission's widely-discredited report in 1964 claiming the assassination was the lone work of Oswald.

Reporters looking into the murky background of the Cuban-immigrant father of Sen. Ted Cruz have uncovered a number of inconsistencies in biographical claims in Sen. Cruz's book that his father had fled to the U.S. in 1957 as an insurgent fighting the Batista regime with only a $100 sewn into his underwear. Newly-reported information by independent investigator Wayne Madsen ties Rafael Bienvenido Cruz to Oswald's work for the supposedly pro-Castro group in New Orleans during the summer of 1963.

Madsen claims that one of the Cubans pictured with Oswald handing out pamphlets for Fair Play outside the International Trade Mart in August, 1963 is Rafael Cruz. The ITM's founder, Clay Shaw, worked for the CIA and was the only other man in the U.S. to face criminal charges in connection with the Kennedy assassination, when NOLA district attorney James Garrison brought charges in what he contended was a wide government conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy. Shaw was acquitted of the charges and Garrison humiliated after federal agencies worked hand-in-hand with mainstream media to discredit his case.

Cruz's Cuban father, also named Rafael Cruz, operated an electronic business in Matanzas, Cuba tied to the American company, RCA. While reporters have been able to confirm an instance where the elder Cruz was arrested by Cuban police and brutally beaten, reporters have found no confirmation the arrest had anything to do with work for forces supporting Castro's efforts to overthrow the pro-American Batista regime. After arriving by a ferry boat from Cuba in Key West, Florida in 1957, Cruz' father made his way to Austin, Texas where he managed to enroll at the University of Texas and earn a degree in mathematics in 1961.

While in college, Cruz married his first wife, Julia Ann Garza, in 1959. Cruz took a job working as a computer programmer for a company tied to the oil industry. According to Madsen, Cruz and his wife moved from Dallas, Texas to New Orleans in 1962 with two young daughters. Madsen places Cruz in New Orleans at the same time the CIA plot to assassinate Kennedy, which involved a number of Cuban exiles including famed Watergate burglar Frank Sturges, was being run out of New Orleans. The Fair Play for Cuba group to which the government tied Oswald shared offices in the same building with Guy Bannister, a private detective who worked for both the FBI and the CIA.

According to Madsen, details of both Cruz' work for an oil company in New Orleans and the divorce from his first wife are very murky. It's not clear whether Cruz divorced in Dallas or New Orleans, but the marriage is believed to have ended in 1962 or 1963. Madsen also learned that Cruz had not bothered to register for the draft in the United States until 1967 at the age of 28 despite having become a permanent resident in 1961 as a political asylee after his student visa expired upon his graduation from college, listing a Jackson Street address in New Orleans as his residence. Madsen notes it was a crime for Cruz not to register for the draft when he first became eligible to register after becoming a permanent resident.

Cruz claims to have met his second wife, Eleanor Darragh Wilson, a Rice University graduate who had also been previously married, while living in New Orleans; however, Madsen could find no records showing she had ever lived in New Orleans. Eleanor worked as a computer programmer for the same company that employed Cruz. Eleanor's first husband, Fort Worth native Alan Wilson, now lives in London where the couple lived together from 1960 to 1965. Wilson has told reporters that a son born to Eleanor was not his child. Madsen says vital records in London show the son, Michael Wilson, died in 1966 after his mother was divorced from Wilson, although Sen. Cruz has claimed his half-brother died in 1965.

Shortly after Cruz had registered for the draft, he and Eleanor moved to Calgary, Canada where they continued working in the oil industry as computer programmers. They eventually opened their own independent business together. The couple's only child, Rafael "Ted" Cruz, was born in Calgary in 1970. Cruz's father became a Canadian citizen while living in Calgary. Accounts differ over whether Cruz' mother became a Canadian citizen. Ted Cruz did not renounce his Canadian citizenship until it became an issue after he launched his campaign for president last year. Cruz has never produced proof his mother registered his birth abroad with the State Department to establish his U.S citizenship as required by the Immigration and Naturalization Act. Without taking those legal steps when he was a child, Cruz would not have been considered a U.S. citizen by naturalization at birth.

The family returned to Texas in the mid-1970s (notably after President Gerald Ford granted amnesty to draft dodgers who fled to Canada), but his father sooned abandoned his family. Cruz' estranged parents, both described as heavy drinkers by acquaintances, would not formalize their divorce until decades later in 1997. Eleanor lives in Houston and has not been played an active role in her son's presidential campaign compared to his father. It gets rather sketchy, but Cruz' father is said to have left the Catholic Church in 1975 and at some point underwent a fundamentalist Christian conversion. The elder Cruz didn't become a naturalized U.S. citizen until 2005.

Cruz' father is often described as a pastor, but there is no evidence he has ever been a minister of a particular church. He's  more accurately described as a traveling preacher, but it's unclear how he earns an income. He has emerged as an integral part of Cruz' efforts to cultivate support for his presidential campaign among evangelical Christians. Cruz is a self-described Dominionist, which is a Christian movement based on the belief that the Book of Genesis provides a mandate for men of Christian faith to seize control of government institutions and govern by Biblical principle. The elder Cruz has delivered sermons in which he claims his son's rise to political power is based on Biblical prophecy--at least that's the message his CIA handlers have him delivering to unsuspecting Christian voters. Madsen's revelations also raise the specter of Ted Cruz' presidential candidacy being the Trojan horse many have suspected it being for some time now.
Sen. Cruz campaigning with his father in a Des Moines Pastors and Pews event (New York Times Photo)
Cruz's school records from Cuba (New York Times Photo)


Anonymous said...

Wayne Madsen is not a credible journalist. Reputable publications won't publish him, and his stories remain fodder only for rumors in the conspiracy theorists world.

Anonymous said...

I have recently read a book review of Noah's Cloak which is itself, apparently, a review of The Devil's Chessboard by David Talbot. The CIA entered the White House in 1953 and it did not take long for "the propaganda of confusion" to enter American political life. The Soviet version, most people know as Disinformation. According to Mark Lane, I read, Oswald was receiving $300 a month from the FBI as a sub agent. His book, Rush to Judgement, tries to clear up some of the official American Government Lies.
Schlafly's book, A Choice not an Echo sideswipes this CIA entrance into the American blood stream without knowing the significance of C. D. Jackson-a fellow who America needs to know considerably more about. One does not wish to appear to have esoteric knowledge but 99% of Americans have no clue about this man, the CIA, their influence in America. Schlafly's book is curative even for junkies of politics because her pictures are so accurate that even in this current campaign you can clearly see, with the help of her book, who is doing what, why, and CUI BONO.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps the question asked in this blog post would interest your readers in light of the weak quality of candidates we Republicans have to pick from for President this year.

Check this out:

Gary R. Welsh said...

All of Madsen's reporting is dismissed as whacko conspiracy theories, but it typically emerges as the truth, even if it sometimes takes decades to come to light just like his groundbreaking reporting on Dennis Hastert being a serial sexual abuser of teenage boys.

Anonymous said...

"He has been described as a conspiracy theorist." From Wikipedia....conspiracy theorist is a CIA invented term designed to throw people off the track of truth by deflection. It works on tiny minds, those of fools, liberals, and dumbocraps. However, the next line of the Wikipedia entry touts one, I.F. Stone....who, thanks to some declassification of secret materials done by the efforts of Senator Pat Moynihan, WE ALL SHOULD KNOW was a Communist posing as a liberal but taking Stalin's a whole lot of American journalist did...and still do judged by what they write. You should know that lots of them are not paid well. They are easily bribed one way or another.....meanwhile, no one is going back to look at the influence of this I.F. STONE creep or the liberal publications from which he spread his soviet crap.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The journalists on the CIA payroll are very well paid. Look at how many multi-million dollar salaries these idiot talking heads on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc. are now earning. Guys like Madsen are barely eking out a living. The good independent investigative journalists in this country are paid very little because there isn't taxpayer money from the black budget covering their salaries, and the American people for the most part don't value independent investigative journalists' work enough to financially support their efforts..

Anonymous said...

Lyin Ted gets creepier by the moment. He and his wife, Heidi, are cousins.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Third cousins, actually. It's legal in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Gary, Why did you print 7:24's Langley lie?

Anonymous said...

Here's one for the conspiracy theorist, Rafael Cruz was associated with Omega 66, a anti-Castro group funded by the CIA, GHW Bush was the CIA agent in charge in Florida and was deeply involved in the botched Bay of Pigs,
Cruz's church was in Dallas and he was in that City on November 22, 1963.
The picture on this article had Lee H Oswald, who also was a double agent for the Office of Navel Intelligence, (ONI).
Clay Shaw is now noted to be in Dallas on the day.
Shaws trial in New Orleans, had an alibi and was said to be in San Francisco, which was later found false. (Jim Garrison)
GHW Bush was in Dallas on November 22, 1963
There are lots of dots to connect here.

Anonymous said...

...and after you "connect the dots" you boys can do some basket weaving till lunch. Meanwhile, the adults in the room aren't too worried about Cruz senior. And if anything Mr. Madsen says percolates up to the real press, we'll let you know.

LamLawIndy said...

IMHO, what the elder Cruz did or may have done -- particularly before Ted was even born -- matters little as to whether Ted would be a good president.

Anonymous said...

He's a hateful old bastard, have you ever heard the elder Cruz talk. Calls himself a Christian. But I'm thinking he probably wants to revive the Spanish Inquisition and torture his way thru secular Washington until only the pious are left.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy how anon 6:26 used Alinsky's rules to discredit, everything I said,I've studied the assassination for many years, read many books talked to one CIA agent who was there,
the Kennedy assassination was nothing more than people getting in the way of the ruling class! I'm concerned history will repeat itself with those who are pushing the ruling class!

Ernesto Serano said...

The people trying to discredit this reported are missing it. The picture is what is most revealing. If that is Rafael Cruz with Oswald it shows his dark past. Rafael Cruz needs to be confronted with this so he can tell us his side of it. Ted Cruz on the other hand has no legal standing to be a natural born citizen and actually even any kind of citizenship is questionable since he has not provided any legal documentation.

Anonymous said...

Ernesto Serano, you called out Oswald, what do you really know about him? probably the song and dance the official story!

Beijing Yankee said...

It's easy to spot the .50 cent CIA posters about Wayne Madsen. "Whacko, conspiracy theorist, anti-Semite," yadda, yadda, yadda.
Take a close look at the faces of the Manchurian presstitutes when talking about Trump. They look like faces on an unemployment line, or at a funeral...
Trump 2016!