Saturday, December 12, 2015

Republican Officials Endorse Turning Over Marion Co. GOP To Democrats

Here's a list of Indiana "Republican" officials who sent out an e-mail today urging Marion Co. Republican precinct committee persons to elect Jennifer Ping, who works at Joe Hogsett's law firm and owes her job to a top Democratic lobbyist in the firm, Greg Hahn, as the party's next chairman. The move ensures that the county party organization will be under the complete control of our new Democratic mayor and his party.

Mike Pence – Governor of Indiana
Sue Ellspermann – Lt. Governor of Indiana
Connie Lawson – Indiana Secretary of State
Kelly Mitchell – Indiana Treasurer of State
Greg Ballard – Mayor of Indianapolis
Steve Collier – Mayor-Elect of Lawrence
Brian Bosma – Speaker of the House
Jim Merritt Jr. – Indiana State Senator
Pat Miller – Indiana State Senator
Cynthia Kirchhofer – Indiana State Representative
David Frizzell – Indiana State Representative
Mike Speedy – Indiana State Representative
Michael McQuillen – Minority Leader, Indianapolis City-County Councillor
Aaron Freeman – Indianapolis City-County Councillor
Janice McHenry – Indianapolis City-County Councillor
Jeff Miller – Indianapolis City-County Councillor
Marilyn Pfisterer – Indianapolis City-County Councillor
Jack Sandlin – Indianapolis City-County Councillor
Jefferson Shreve – Indianapolis City-County Councillor
Jeff Coats – Indianapolis City-County Councillor Elect
Susie Cordi – Indianapolis City-County Councillor Elect
Scott Krieder – Indianapolis City-County Councillor Elect
Tom Shevlot – Lawrence City Councilman

Let there be no doubt that there is a deliberate, organized effort by the Republican Party establishment in this state to bring the Marion Co. GOP organization to extinction. As far as I'm concerned, all of these Republicans can go ______________ themselves. They obviously stand for nothing. I watched this same thing occur in Cook County when I still lived in Illinois. Today, the Cook Co. Republican Party is controlled lock, stock and barrel by the Cook Co. Democratic organization. Even the once heavily Republican suburban areas of Cook County are now voting reliably Democratic and electing virtually all Democrats to every public office. Give us one or two more election cycles, and you'll be able to count on your hand the number of Republican elected officials in Marion County. I'm saying goodbye to the county party. There's nothing left to defend or support. I would urge all real Republican precinct committee persons to boycott the faux election Tuesday night at which the reins of the party will be formally turned over to the Democrats. This is one funeral I won't be attending.


Flogger said...

This quote by Eugene Debs is very accurate in terms of politics in Central Indiana:
"The Republican and Democratic parties, or, to be more exact, the Republican-Democratic party, represent the capitalist class in the class struggle. They are the political wings of the capitalist system and such differences as arise between them relate to spoils and not to principles."

The Capitalism of Deb's day has given way to Crony-Capitalism in a bundle or package with elected and appointed officials of both "parties". People who may want to run for elected office will be carefully vetted to make certain they will not stray out of the dark side.

For those that do stray - Interesting quote I came across - Of course “politicians who ever try to get out of line” are now, as then, but more effectively now, handled first by the media. If the media can stop them or some other maneuver can stop them (character assassination, blackmail, distraction, removal from power) then violence isn’t required.

Anonymous said...

I got my e-mail from Sen. Merritt telling me how I'm supposed to vote Tuesday night. Do I dare ask him why the Indiana Railroad Company fired him, or is that still too sensitive of a topic to discuss? I thought maybe one of our local rags would have the scoop on that.

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY. I am one former "Republican" grass roots who considers himself no longer "Republican" or grass roots. I label myself a Constitutional Conservative, even though America is post-Constitutional.

And like you, I say every Establishment "R" on that list and in the right wing of the Democrat party, more concerned with power, prestige, and privilege, can go commit cranial rectal inversion. I only wish I could personally tell each and every one of those folks... some whom I met and worked with until self-selecting out of the sewer.

Anonymous said...

They don't stand for nothing - they stand for MONEY.

Anonymous said...

All of these too-long time boars and the newer piglets to the public trough are the very reason the Marion County GOP is a foul smelling corpse. The Marion County GOP is dead and it was hanged by its "leaders" since Sweezey.

Balzac, the founder of realism in European literature wrote that "BEHIND EVERY GREAT FORTUNE IS A CRIME". Here in Indy, from the top levels of the Indiana State GOP to the Governor's Office to Indy's own cartoon character "Hizzoner Hollywood" and the minions at MCRCC to everyone on the blog list - you are clueless to the damage you've wrought on the Conservative Philosophy of the Founders. Just Clueless.

Pete Boggs said...

A very public burial ceremony is an idea that warrants consideration.