Wednesday, December 30, 2015

More On Guyer's Ties To Convicted Ponzi Schemer Tim Durham

The Manning clan with Carl Brizzi and Tim Durham in the Bahamas after the 2007 Super Bowl in Miami
UPDATED: Birds of a feather certainly flock together in Indianapolis. We told you yesterday that Dr. Dale Guyer, whose clinic is at the center of the HGH doping allegations made in an Al Jazeera documentary that aired this past weekend and may involve a client of Guyer's clinic, Peyton Manning, had been a past business partner with convicted Ponzi schemer Tim Durham. The Indianapolis Star elaborates more on Guyer's ties to Durham in a new online story today.

Guyer received about a million dollars in loans from Durham which he failed to repay prior to Fair Finance Company's collapse that resulted in the loss of more than $220 million for thousands of Ohio investors. Those loans came either directly from Durham or one of the companies he controlled that bilked Fair Finance and were made to Guyer's Advance Medical Center, P.C. according to The Star. Guyer is now attempting to repay those loans to the bankruptcy trustee overseeing efforts to collect money on behalf of the defrauded investors of Fair Finance. As Advance Indiana told you yesterday, another business controlled by Durham and Guyer, Guyer Durham, LLC. received $268,990 in fraudulent transfers according to a judgment obtained by the bankruptcy trustee. The IBJ is reporting that the Fair Finance bankruptcy trustee settled $400,000 in claims against Dr. Guyer for just $30,000 earlier this year because of his struggling financial situation.

This is a very sordid bunch of characters involved here. Durham, of course, had bought and paid for our former corrupt Marion Co. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, whom our Mayor-elect Joe Hogsett allowed to skate on multiple crimes he committed while in office while he was serving as federal prosecutor for the Southern District of Indiana. In addition to having briefly served on Fair Finance's board of directors prior to its collapse, Brizzi was business partners with Indianapolis attorney Paul Page, who pleaded guilty to a real estate fraud charge in connection with property the two owned together in Elkhart that was awarded a lucrative lease on a building used by the state's Department of Child Services. Brizzi is also business partners with Peyton Manning in the Harry & Izzy's restaurant franchise based in Indianapolis.

Brizzi and Page were at the center of another cover up of a local sports doping probe. Page represented Joseph Mobarecki, a local fitness gym manager, whom Indianapolis police arrested for illegally dealing anabolic steroids. At the time of Mobarecki's arrest, he was found to possess more than $100,000 of the drugs he was illegally dispensing, along with $17,000 in cash. Police sources were infuriated when Brizzi blocked a larger probe after entering into a sweetheart plea agreement with Mobarecki, which allowed him to get back $10,000 of the cash police seized after he pleaded guilty to just one felony offense. Mobarecki served just two days in jail and paid a $365 fine. Police working on the case believed Mobarecki was selling the steroids to a number of prominent professional athletes, as well as college and high school athletes. Hogsett stunned many in law enforcement when he ended a federal probe of Brizzi's corruption as Marion Co. Prosecutor in the face of overwhelming evidence against him. Hogsett incredibly claimed there was a lack of evidence to indict Brizzi.

Brizzi's predecessor was not much better than him when it came to cover ups. Who can forget Scott Newman's handling of Jim Irsay's prescription drug fraud problem. Irsay has battled an addiction to prescription drugs for the past couple of decades. WTHR's Roger Harvey had a blockbuster investigative report on Irsay's addiction in 2002, which included reports Irsay had been treated for drug overdoses at area hospitals on several occasions. No charges were ever brought against Irsay, although several health care professionals were sanctioned for their role in the affair. Our local powers that be decided the mess had to be quashed out of fear Irsay was in danger of NFL officials taking the Colts franchise away from him. Harvey left his job at WTHR-TV and became a PR person for the same law firm where Hogsett has been a partner. Not surprisingly, one of his firm's clients was the Indianapolis Colts. Irsay was again arrested last year for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and found to be in possession of quite a stash of prescription drugs. He got off with another slap on the wrist. We later learned that a woman associated with him had died of a drug overdose shortly before his arrest.


Anonymous said...

I suppose quackery isn't illegal in Indiana.

Flogger said...

Ahh yes, what a happy bunch in the islands. I am sure there will be those deluded people who see nothing wrong at all, with the 99% paying for the Colts Stadium. The whole scam is on display here, sports, politics and the ponzi man himself.

Anonymous said...

This place looks New Orleans look like a convent.

Anonymous said...

Just wait for the Tully piece about how great of guys Durham and Brizzi really were. How much better off our city is because we has them.

Anonymous said...

Carl Brizzi still have Andre Carson's file from when he was at excise?

Gary R. Welsh said...

I believe that was Scott Newman who had the file. Newman was prosecutor when the Carson gang threw Gene Honeycutt under the bus.

Anonymous said...

Honeycutt was no saint, however, I always heard it was Brizzi that had the file

Whoever has it.......Andre the Grandson steps and fetches!

Is it ant wonder the local Elephant Mafia never mounted a serious effort to try to oust him?!!?

Or Druggy Queen Julia?