Monday, December 07, 2015

Public Safety Director Seeking Information About Cheating Scandal

Indianapolis' Public Safety Director David Wantz confirmed to reporters today that he has placed promotions within the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on hold following a tip he received that some police officers had access to test questions and answers in advance of taking it. An unprecedented number of officers scored perfect scores on the exam. According to a report by WTHR's Steve Jefferson, there were 14 officers who scored 100% and several others who scored 99%. That has never happened before according to senior police officers. Police officers with knowledge of the cheating scandal have a duty to come forward and speak to Wantz. The cheaters and their enablers need to be exposed and face appropriate discipline for their actions.


Anonymous said...

The department, in the last couple of years, has notified its officers about a renewed focus on the Brady rule; a 1963 Supreme Court ruling which ruled that officers that were found to be dishonest is exculpatory evidence for a defendant.

The department specifically stated that this could affect an officer's employment as any internal investigation finding them to be dishonest would be shared with the prosecutor's office.

Some suspected the announcement to be an effort to rid the department of certain officers it didn't like. But how will it affect the chosen officers it hoped to help promote, if found to be true?

Cheating on a promotional exam is extremely dishonest and shows a lack of character.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the Star has not reported on the cheating scandal. Why?

Anonymous said...

Because the IndyStar lacks the talent and political intestinal fortitude necessary to pursue such news.

Anonymous said...

they need to go back to the last promotional process and look at the cheating there also. The Capt in charge of it (a black female) had an "invitation only" study session for black candidates and were told that whites were not invited. This is the way of Chief Hite. His habit of hitting "respond all" to emails has shown his propensity to only include black officers in special details that are offered.

Flogger said...

ANON 9:06 The Star has only a certain amount of paper and stenographers to allocate. The focus of The Star must be which Professional Athlete has a hang nail. The Star stenographers may also be waiting for instructions on how to spin the story.

Holding the Chief of Police accountable, could imply a criticism of Mayor Blowhole and it could also lay a problem on Joe Hogshitt's desk on day one. The Star needs to carefully write the story so that a system problem that includes the out going high command and incoming high command is not blame, got to find that one "Bad Apple".

The Star is more concerned about cheating when it comes to deflatgate and Tom Brady.

Anonymous said...

Not too smart to have that many cheat and score perfect scores.

Anonymous said...

Cheating is nothing new to the "crew" that is present at IMPD. With the merger, they inherited a group known for a cheating scandal several years ago with MCSO. Riggs might be a short-timer in his new position. If he really plans to weed this stuff out, he is going to run into a Democrat apparatus that will make it hard to change things.

Anonymous said...

He isnt going to be able to weed this stuff out. As for the "Democrat apparatus that will make it hard to change"; this time it was some 'Republican apparatus' caught with their high-scoring hands in the cookie jar. Not to be concerned though. The "Democratic apparatus" aren't upset. They are excited how many of them will be in the ranks versus the Republican apparatus if Riggs chooses to investigate. Here is a multiple choice question for you.
Which officers would you prefer running the department and/or the streets?
a) The "Democrat apparatus" thrilled because they will become the majority in the ranks of IMPD if Riggs investigates and only the cheaters get thrown out....ooorrrr
b)The "Republican apparatus" who did it because most of the "Democrat apparatus" that are thrilled are, yes, you guessed it, all and the same, well most,that were involved in the "cheating scandal" a few years ago at the last promotional process. Which by the way, were not ALL MCSO. The Captain, errr, I mean Democrat that provided those answers has since retired.
I think my answer would be, and it is 'my' answer. I would have to seriously consider hanging up my police hat and taking the drop because this mess is going to take several years to straighten out. And that is only IF we have a substantial amount of 'honest chiefs and officers' over the next several years. (More than the 'Democrats' and 'Republicans' put together, that have been involved in this mess since the merge). The Chicago Police Department didn't get to where they are over night. Honesty prevails? God help us all in Indy; and I mean the citizens and the honest police officers who have their integrity still intact. Our department will become worse than Chicago ever thought of being. Our city has had the 'symptoms' since before the merge and didn't see it. From the Mayor on down. Since the merge, the politicians have been too busy with their own pocket-padding agendas, spending money to make Indy'appear' well put together. But thats a whole different article. As for IMPD, here is a question for you. If we have some of the tragedies hit us like they have been in other places lately, are your officers well prepared to handle it? I hope so. If this mess continues, none of your officers are going to be focused enough to handle it and it wouldn't surprise me if their tension is high enough to shoot several times at a subject. I wonder how much of that 'trigger finger' action anxiety could be caused from their enviroment 'inside' their prescients on a daily basis? Just a thought. Maybe we should get back to business at hand and consider retraining those in rank to teach these young officers (and old) that what is happening now will not be tolerated. That their days will be focussed on being the true meaning of a police officer. It is your job as supervisors and administration to make them proud of being the officer they dreamed of being. Not an officer that knows exactly how many days they have left until they can walk out of there and get away from it all. The most successfful people have that teacher, mentor or boss they can thank for being a big part of their success. Your officers are what YOU created as their supervisors. They are not your enemies, nor should you be theirs. If they are the true meaning of a man in blue, pat yourself on the back. You've done well. If not, maybe it is you who needs to reevaluate you. They should like working for you as their supervisor. God Bless every officer at IMPD and keep them safe. Let them all be able to go home to their families at the end of the day.