Monday, September 28, 2015

Tabloid Takes A Shot At Jeb's Troubled Daughter

Jeb Bush White House, Noelle Bush
The National Enquirer took a low blow at Jeb Bush's daughter, Noelle Bush, who has struggled with drug addictions. The tabloid sent a photographer to her place of employment, a software company near Orlando, to capture an unflattering photo of her on a smoking break. The headline reads, "Jeb Bush's Girl Caught Loafing on the Job."
. . . The Sept. 9 pictures were shot outside the Orlando, Fla., offices of Empower Software Solutions, where her duties are listed as answering phones and office support and management.
“Noelle, a former druggie, appears overweight and dowdily dressed. I saw her slumped on the back steps puffing on one Marlboro cigarette — one after another,” an eyewitness told The ENQUIRER.
In 2002 The ENQUIRER revealed that Noelle was busted for prescription fraud, sent to rehab and then served two separate stints in jail.
A Florida political insider told The ENQUIRER Noelle’s current job was arranged with the help of Empower Software founder Seth Bernstein, a longtime Jeb supporter who is raising money for his presidential bid.
“The job was a favor to Jeb. She doesn’t really have to do much work. She spends quite a bit of the day outside, chain-smokin’,” said the insider.
“Jeb is big on campaigning on family values, but Noelle is one of his weak spots. When she was a teenager, his marriage nearly fell apart. He was rumored to be off womanizing and (his wife) Columba was spending a lot of her time shopping,” noted the insider. “You might ask, who was at home raising the kids?”
The tabloid must have forgotten what happened the last time it took cheap shots at one of the Bush kids. After running unflattering photos of Jenna Bush falling down drunk at a fraternity party in Austin, the tabloid's photo editor, Bob Stevens, was the recipient of one of those letters mailed after 9/11 laced with high-grade, Anthrax spores produced at the U.S. Army's Fort Detrick biodefense weapons lab. Investigators found Anthrax spores on Stevens' computer keyboard after he died from the Anthrax poisoning he got after opening a handwritten letter to "Photo Editor, National Enquirer" mailed from Trenton, New Jersey to the tabloid's offices in Boca Raton, Florida. Other Anthrax-laced letters were sent to the New York Post, which had also run numerous unflattering stories about Bush's daughters, NBC's Tom Brokaw and two Democratic senators, Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Pat Leahy.


Anonymous said...

That tabloid is just the sleaziest P.O.S. Amy Carter was off limits. Those who have said anything about Barry's two girls have been admonished. Regardless of her age, this woman has some problems that should not be on the table.

What is really sad is there is a percent of US population that get their "news" from this rag.

Flogger said...

I would not vote for Jeb Bush, but it has to do more with the retread NEO-CON advisers he has from GWB's Regime. That said what a terrible, terrible shame to have Noelle on display like this. If her father tried to take care of her by using his network to get her a job - good for him. What father would not try to help a son or daughter out??

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they, like the MSM, are covering the 10 plus Planned Parenthood videos? If not, that puts them in the same trick bag as our lying by omission media whose lies in that fashion open the door to Tabloids. Gary Hartpence sure didn't like his taunts about Monkey Business coming to the attention of the public nor did John (vice president wannabe) like the tabloids and where were the MSM when the Kennedy's were spreading sperm far and wide? NOWHERE. So, the failure of duh media to deliver the news straight opens the door for tabloids, bloggers, and common citizens to bring needful things to the attention of the public...e.g. this blog covers Indianapolis better than the Gannett Rag?
What kind of a parent a candidate might be is certainly grist for the mill just as a married man who cheats his wife will also cheat us....cheat us every time.

Anonymous said...

she looks like trailer trash

Anonymous said...

I too will NEVER vote for Jeb but this is just beyond the pale. Liberal Democrats demand (yes, demand) their children be kept out of the spotlight but it is just fine and dandy to attack the children of RINO Republicans and real Conservatives.

The leftist "lame-stream" media [but I repeat myself] is nothing less than a National Extremist Liberal Democrat Media Machine and all thinking people know it.

Anonymous said...

You belieive that it's no ok to make fun of Noel Bush chronic drug abuse, but Jim Irsay's drug abuse is fair game? Is it because Irsay sucks money from the tax payer's tits, while Noel doesn't, but rather her father does?

Please explain, you're appearing to be in full contradction, either that or you're another Bush sycophant.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Jim Irsay is a public figure. Noelle Bush is not a public figure. She has not participated in any of her father's political campaigns and has gone to great lengths to maintain a very low profile. There has been at least one death we know of associated with Jim Irsay's prescription drug abuse. His drug abuse problem spanned many years, and news reports more than a decade ago revealed that federal, state and local prosecutors investigated and then covered up the rampant prescription drug fraud with which he had engaged to protect his ownership of the Indianapolis Colts. Irsay is a billionaire with the ability to get help from the best drug addiction experts in the country that less fortunate people don't have the ability to access. His continued flaunting of the law while shaking down the public time and time again for more public subsidies for his team while his team members are subject to a zero-tolerance drug policy makes his very public problem fair game.

Unknown said...

Why does Noelle need or want to work?