Monday, September 14, 2015

Council Approves Resolution Calling For Towing Of Illegally Parked Blue Indy Cars

In a largely symbolic vote, the Indianapolis City-County Council voted 17-11 tonight to approve a resolution co-sponsored by Councilors Zach Adamson and Christine Scales calling for the appropriate authorities to tow Blue Indy cars that are illegally parked in a no-stop, no-parking zone on Washington Street. Mayor Greg Ballard, responding to tonight's vote, suggested towing the cars would be comparable to theft. No, theft is when you, Mr. Mayor, entered into a 15-year, one-sided agreement with Blue Indy in violation of multiple state and local laws granting the company the right to operate a monopoly electric car sharing business in Indianapolis under which you appropriated hundreds of the City's most valuable public parking spaces and public lands without any legal authority for Blue Indy's exclusive, for-profit business, along with $6 million in public tax dollars. If the rule of law still existed in this City, federal prosecutors would have long ago convened a grand jury and indicted you, members of your administration and your political cronies on multiples counts of wire fraud, honest services fraud, theft and bribery. To think you are talking to folks about running for governor next year when the only suitable place for you to sit your fat butt after you leave the Mayor's Office is a federal penitentiary.


Anonymous said...

I did a head shaking double-take when I read that outgoing mayor Greg Ballard asserted that the City County Council’s “largely symbolic” resolution to tow his high net carbon battery run rental business cars which are illegally parked in a no-stop, no-parking zone on Washington Street amounts to “theft”. Gary adeptly reminds the corrupt Greg Ballard exactly what “theft” is and we see it is not the City County Council who is the thief.

Gary, you say it better than anyone in this news report when you “define” for Mr. Ballard the true meaning of "theft" in this case. To hear that Mr. Ballard continues his quixotic dream of higher Hoosier office, possibly the governor’s chair, should frighten the hell out of every Hoosier voter of every political persuasion.

Anonymous said...

The fact that there are so many Hoosiers who are just fine with this empty suit of a Marine while screaming for the head of relatively harmless Mike Pence says loads about Indiana. He probably will be governor. I wouldn't put anything past Hoosier voters.

Chas. M. Navarra said...

Our City County Councilors are the shock absorbers to the anger many of us Marion County voters have about the fact that Mr. Ballard holds himself above the law as evidenced by his illegal deals putting the law aside and the taxpayers on the hook. My passion about transparency and accountability in our municipal government sometimes over reaches but I do have to give Councilors Christine Scales and Councilor Zach Adamson much gratitude even when people like me seem ungrateful. I am not without appreciation but I am worn our by the political corruption. And yes, I know that corruption occurs on both sides of the aisle.

In my opinion, Councilors Zach Adamson and Christine Scales deserve to be returned to the City County Council. I hope with landslide victories.

Anonymous said...

What is pathetic is to hear the R's on the CCC whimper about "let's not get the IMPD involved in towing cars". And let's not forget the most important vote of the night when on a 15-14 vote the Council could not get the necessary 20 votes to override Ballard's veto of funding the IMPD which we the taxpayers have tried consistently to fund. For all the crying the Republicans do about the dishonesty of Mayor Ballard, when it comes to a vote they open up our purse strings for him to do with whatever he wishes - not that a hula hoop park is such a bad idea. And yes CCC Republicans, a Ballard mou is surely not worth the paper it's written on.

Anonymous said...

Some would posit Ballard AND Pence are empty suits. But, yes, Anon 10:58 you make a good point and a valid one. To remain silent on the utter lawlessness of Greg Ballard while vocalizing that Pence must go seems unbalanced and illogical to me.

IndyDem said...

Another important thing not mentioned here is the fact that 1 month ago no fewer than 5 of the 14 Republicans supported towing the BI cars. 30 days later; 2. Related, a month ago the council voted 25 to 4 to move the stolen money back into the Police fund and Monday we couldn't even get 1 Republican to cross this mayor.
Herein lies the problem.