Monday, September 21, 2015

Scott Walker Dropping Presidential Bid

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was scheduled for a campaign stop in Indianapolis where he was supposed to be holding a fundraiser for his Republican presidential campaign at the Conrad Hilton ahead of tonight's season-opening home game for the Colts. Instead, Gov. Walker is holding a press conference in Madison, Wisconsin this evening to announce he's dropping out of the race. Walker becomes the second governor to drop out of crowded GOP field. Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced he was suspending his presidential campaign last week.


Anonymous said...

So much for Greg Garrison's recommendation. He's droned on and on about Walker till we're all sick of it. Walker had a lot of drawbacks. From the start he was a long shot along with the rest of the ideologues. Huckabee. Cruz. Its not going to happen. We'll end up with a moderate candidate. Because that's what America wants. Garrison talks a lot. But he's just wrong about so much. The guy's too extreme. Way too extreme. Now that Rush is off wibc all we have is hate monger Garrison and those whining, insufferable chicks on the right; like hearing fingernails on a blackboard. Walker's out. Even his own kids and wife couldn't support him. Next out, Rand Paul, Huckabee and Cruz, Kasich. All the second tier. My prediction. A tight three way race between Rubio, Trump and Fiorina.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised that Mr. Walker is discontinuing his bid just as I was not surprised Governor Perry dropped out.

Both are fine men and the GOP race was fortunate they stepped up to the plate; I am not saying I agreed or disagreed with their positions. I am merely making an observation and all this is "IMHO".

Rick Perry, who backed left of center super liberal [and now "green" energy one-percenter billionaire] Democrat Al Gore in 1988 and Governor Scott Walker just never really had the national gravitas, the "ignition" voters are craving for when it came to expressing the frustrations with a gargantuan all powerful central government, and neither seemed to be able to effectively and deeply connect with voters.

Anonymous said...

Greg Garrison?!? Seriously. I am wholly unconcerned what attorney Greg Garrison has to say about anything. After his recent unethical and law-breaking behavior in Lockerbie Square, that man should be in jail.

If it were an everyday person like you or me who behaved as did Garrison that day, we'd have some stupid bought and paid for Judge (and there are plenty in Marion County) toss US in jail. But Greg...oh no.... the attorney racket protects its own.

Anonymous said...

He can go back to his side job now, sucking Kochs.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:00 - Google Rick Perry, Gardasil, Trans Texas Corridor, Eminent Domain and then get back to me about how fine a man Governor Goodhair is.

Anonymous said...

Walker was never ready for prime time -- he bombed on a whole host of soft ball questions, ie evolution, 14th amendment, immigration, etc never really knew where he stood on the issues, as he was vague, ambiguous, and invariably, changed his position on things....I would have hated to be on the staff of that effort, always having to clarify, backtrack, "no, what Rick meant to say..." Yes, he can go back to Wisconsin fighting the unions and sucking up to the Koch brothers,,,

And regards to Greg Garrison, who listens to that rube anyhow? What a negative force he is....Like Hannity, Limbaugh, Colter et al, he has become a parody of a parody -- what utter wonder the GOP is in such deep straits, and no wonder that demogogues like Trump are doing so well in the polls.