Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Police Now Concede Fox Lake Police Officer's Death May Have Been A Suicide

News that a 30-year veteran of the Fox Lake, Illinois police department had been shot dead and three suspects were being pursued made national headlines on September 1. Police set up a dragnet and searched house to house for two white males and one black male they said they believed had shot dead Lt. Charles Gliniewicz. Investigators kept details of the shooting close to the vest, frustrating reporters covering the story. They would only say the officer had radioed that he was pursuing three suspects on foot for an unknown reason when he declined backup prior to his body being discovered.

A seemingly frustrated county coroner, Dr. Thomas Rudd, infuriated police investigators when he publicly disclosed last week that Gliniewicz had died from a single, fatal gunshot wound to the torso. Dr. Rudd said he could not rule out the possibility the officer died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Rudd added that the officer was wearing a bullet proof at the time of his death. Police investigators accused Dr. Rudd publicly of compromising their investigation. They would not reveal whether the bullet recovered from Gliniewicz body matched a bullet fired from his gun or even where his gun was found.

The case took a bizarre twist this past weekend when police announced the arrest of a retired Chicago police officer, Joseph Battaglia, on two felony counts of disorderly conduct for allegedly threatening two members of the task force investigating the police officer's shooting. Battaglia was accused of threatening unspecified harm to Dr. Rudd and Lake County's major crime task force head George Filenko if they did not declare Gliniewicz' death a suicide. Battaglia's bond was set at $100,000. Police say Battaglia had no link to the investigation, although he had contacted multiple media sources claiming to know the officer had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Late yesterday, police investigating Gliniewicz' death told Chicago media his death may have been caused by a suicide. Dr. Rudd is still awaiting lab test results from the task force, including gunshot residue found on his body and DNA results. Officials speaking to the media only spoke on the condition of anonymity as sources close to the task force investigation.


Anonymous said...

That area of the country is where some of the dirtiest cops are.

Look up Melissa Calusiniski. Filenko and Rudd are all over that case.

There needs to be an independent office tasked with investigating the police. Cases such as Gliniewicz would fall under that office's jurisdiction.

Anonymous said...

My first thought...LOD death would result in bigger payout to the family. Perhaps he was suffering from a fatal disease?

Anonymous said...

They should reduce all retirement payouts to his family by the amount it cost to conduct the manhunt.

Even after the deductions, his estate will likely owe millions to the governments involved.

Josh said...

In pursuit of three perps, denies backup, ends up dead with someone threatening others if the death isn't ruled a suicide? Something stinks here.

Anonymous said...

He fits the profile of a mind-control asset - ex military ("G.I. Joe"), and a shot cop suits the ongoing agenda of this administration, as does the martial-law style manhunts. It just has all the makings of another staged event (that is, the media story is not reflecting the truth).

Josh said...

I wonder if he wasn't going to play ball so they had to get rid of him and this is the official story.