Saturday, September 12, 2015

Indianapolis' Downtown Crime Rate Soars

The downtown mafia sent out their favorite go-to crime reporter, WRTV's Jack Rinehart, to sound the alarm bell that crime in downtown Indianapolis is soaring this year. Capt. Phil Burton from the downtown IMPD district tells Rinehart reported violent crimes are up 43% since the start of the year through the end of August. The picture is much worse for some violent crimes:
  • Rape up 50%
  • Robbery up 87%
  • Assault up 93%
Property-related crimes are also up 48% among all crimes:
  • Business burglary up 10%
  • Residential burglary up 22%
  • Theft up 48%
  • Vehicle theft up 33%
Rinehart says IMPD's downtown district is unable to keep up with the staffing needs required to match the growth spurt being experienced in recent years in downtown as city planners approve one apartment complex after another to cram as many people possible into the mile square. About 25,000 people currently live downtown, a number that is expected to grow by about 5,000 over the next three years as more cheaply-built apartment complexes become occupied by mostly millennial-aged persons. Whatever is happening in downtown crime-wise, it can't compare to the killing fields of many ignored and burned out neighborhoods throughout other parts of the city. 


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the irony in TIF funded projects... so many new residents consuming more city resources, but the property tax dollars that would otherwise pay for needed services are siphoned off to pay the debt on their cheaply built apartment complexes!

Anonymous said...

Gary, you mean to tell me all that even after all glitzy downtown development the area is still plagued by high crime? That just can't be. King Ballard said everything is great downtown.

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought corrupt Greg Ballard and the amoral Marion County GOP could not further ruin what used to be a wonderful, urban living experience, we have proof of the rot accelerated under our corpulent, lawless ex-soldier.

Why would I vote Republican ever again... or even vote? Marion County as a whole is in serious decline. The Democrats should take no glee that the county trends Democrat. All this cheap downtown housing crap at Overland Park KS prices is not going to work over the long haul... the Dems are going to have a huge mess on their hands.

I daily pray to The Almighty that the corrupt Greg Ballard has chains and prison wrist irons on his.

Anonymous said...

I'd be curious to see the numbers associated with the percentages - e.g., sometimes it's easy to double rapes by moving from one to two...

Anonymous said...

Agreed but aren't nearly all rape stats false in the sense that they don't capture the under reporting of that crime?

Anonymous said...

Anon 653, I don't believe you were ever a Republican. This is your way of hiding your true self and saying "Blame the GOP!"

I don't believe for one minute the Democraps have clean hands here either. I have SEEN that corruption.

Please do not blame one party. There is PLENTY to go around!

Anonymous said...


Flogger said...

Time for a reorganization and redeployment of Police Assets to down town. We cannot have the Crony-Capitalist Model of down town happiness under the threat of bad publicity.

Those of us who live out side the down town bubble will just have to get along. Perhaps the City could put a sign similar to the Berlin Wall you are now leaving down town, you are on your own.

Josh said...

Indy becoming more and more like Chitcago every day!

Now imagine what it'll be like in every big city in the US when the economy really tanks. This crime wave will pale in comparison.

Anonymous said...

How is running Downtown District???? Get a handle on this. Sounds like a leadership issue.