Friday, July 24, 2015

Zoeller Plays Up Concern For Human Trafficking Ahead Of Brickyard 400

Zoeller with State Reps. Hale and Macer (WIBC/Eric Berman Photo)
Attorney General Greg Zoeller joined State Rep. Christina Hale and State Rep. Karlee Macer for a press conference out in Speedway ahead of this year's Brickyard 400 to warn about the dangers of human trafficking. "Large sporting events are peak times for commercial sex and exploitation," the press released reads. He says his office tracked ads during the 2015 NCAA Final Four Championship held in Indianapolis this past April and found a spike of more than 100 ads per day during the event. “It’s time people see the commercial sex industry for what it really is – the violent exploitation of women, children and men,” said Zoeller, who co-chairs the Indiana Protection for Abused and Trafficked Humans (IPATH) Task Force. “Traffickers target the most vulnerable in our society, isolate them from friends and family, and trap them in the sex trade. This is occurring right under our noses and we want everyone to recognize the signs.”

Here's a question our local news media won't ask of Zoeller. Why weren't you concerned about the ladies of the night who came into town from out-of-state to provide entertainment at the Geist mansion of Ponzi schemer Tim Durham for the sex and drug-filled parties frequently thrown by Durham that were attended by Indy's elite, including a bunch of politicians like yourself who accepted campaign contributions from Durham by the tens of thousands of dollars? Didn't your office employ Durham's step-son, Bernard Durham, as an "investigator" back in those days? What exactly were his job duties as an "investigator" in your office? Is your memory still "Fuzzy" from those days? Zoeller only gave up $11,000 in campaign contributions he received from Durham after the bankruptcy trustee for Fair Finance threatened to sue his campaign committee if he didn't return the


Anonymous said...

Indiana knowingly turned a very blind eye to the top-rank prostitutes who were imported for the Super Bowl.

The BY400 as a big event for prostitution? Only in the most downmarket sort of way, maybe.

More like lot lizards hoping for a better weekend.

Anonymous said...

Ok, prostitutes for the SB and BY400 are the A team and the B team respectively. This is NASCAR weekend. They just want a girl with all her teeth this weekend.

(sorry, I just couldn't resist)