Friday, July 31, 2015

Media More Interested In George McGovern's Illegitimate Child's Birth Certificate Than President Obama's True Origins

Sen. George McGovern (1968 AP Photo)
These sideshows to which we're treated from time to time by our mainstream media would be laughable if not for the more serious truths they keep buried from the American people that are far more consequential--such as who are the real parents of Barack Obama and just where the hell did he really come from. A forthcoming book on the life of George McGovern, who died in 2012, has reignited mainstream media interest in learning the identity of an illegitimate child McGovern, the son of a Methodist member, fathered when he was 18 years old after losing his virginity in 1940. Although the identity of the mother and illegitimate daughter have never been publicly identified, the fact she was born and lived somewhere in Indiana has long been known by people who made it their business to know about such matters.

The Washington Post's Justin Moyer's story carries the headline, "In confession to historian, George McGovern revealed he had a secret child." Thomas Knock, a history professor at Southern Methodist University, has a biography on McGovern coming out in which he says McGovern confessed to him he had fathered an illegitimate child as an 18-year old freshman at Dakota Wesleyan University during a trip to Lake Mitchell in December 1940 where he got the daughter's mother pregnant. McGovern went on to become a decorated World War II pilot, served in the administration of John F. Kennedy and became a leading liberal in the U.S. Senate who lost the 1972 presidential race to Richard Nixon in a landslide election. He was swept out of office in 1980 when Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter in a landslide election. He tried to re-enter politics in 1984 when he ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic nomination.

McGovern told Knock the mother of his illegitimate daughter had reacted very calmly to the ordeal. She moved to Indiana to live with her older sister and brother-in-law where she gave birth to a daughter, which gave rise to the so-called "Fort Wayne story" that would haunt McGovern the rest of his life. Fort Wayne is where the mother and daughter supposedly lived, although that may be in doubt as discussed below. The mother is also now dead, but Knock has no reason to believe the illegitimate daughter is not still alive. He identifies neither in his upcoming book. What is known is that McGovern eventually met his daughter and brought her gifts. The extent of their relationship over the years or what the daughter thought of McGovern is unclear. McGovern married and had five children of his own and reportedly confessed to his wife the daughter's existence in the 1970s. He made no mention of it in his autobiography, likely out of respect to his wife.

In politics, it's hard to keep such matters a secret. Richard Nixon's White House dirty tricks operatives knew about the illegitimate daughter. Although the issue was not raised during the 1972 presidential election, White House aide H.R. Haldeman had proposed in a memo after the Watergate scandal began consuming the Nixon White House to leak the story to the media in an effort to show that Nixon knew about the story during the campaign but had not brought it up during the presidential campaign because he wanted to run a clean campaign, which history has demonstrated was anything but true. The Washington Post's Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein wrote about the Haldeman memo in an August 1973 story during the Watergate hearings.

Woodward and Bernstein looked into the story at the time. McGovern told the two young reporters there was a birth certificate in Fort Wayne, Indiana listing him as the father of a young woman, but he denied he was the actual father. The two reporters said they confirmed the existence of the birth certificate and had contacted the birth mother, who denied McGovern was the father of her child. Later stories emerged indicating that McGovern's name had been removed from the birth certificate but an Indiana court refused to release a copy of the birth certificate. How Nixon's operatives learned about the story was unclear, but The Post theorized he learned about it from J. Edgar Hoover's FBI because McGovern's illegitimate child surfaced during a background investigation in 1960 when he was under consideration for a position in the Kennedy administration. According to his FBI file, McGovern did not offer a confirmation or denial regarding the allegation. The Post assumed Nixon never raised the issue during the 1972 campaign because leaked reports of Sen. Tom Eagleton's mental health problems, which forced him off the ticket with McGovern, negated the need to use the story.

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette's Jeff Wiehe has a story as well today looking more closely at the Indiana angle. According to Wiehe, the news director of WANE-TV in Fort Wayne had been tipped off at the time McGovern was making a political appearance in the city during the 1972 presidential campaign that he had an illegitimate daughter living there that he might be visiting during the campaign stop. Ken Kurtz told Wiehe that McGovern was already headed out of town by the time he got the tip, and they were never able to track the story down. Kurtz speculated that the station owner's cozy relationship with local Republicans is what led to his news team being offered the tip at the time.

The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel's William Ferguson had more luck with the story. He tracked down the mother's name and even came up with a birth certificate, but the father's name was missing. Ferguson and lawyers for the News-Sentinel claimed the father's name had been illegally removed from the birth certificate. In August 1973, lawyers for the newspaper obtained a court order from a pro tem judge in Allen County, John Rogers, to obtain a copy of the birth record on file with the Indiana Department of Health. The state department fought the release of the order at the time. Wiehe says it's unclear what happened to the birth certificate or whether Ferguson was ever shown the birth certificate. Rogers, who is still practicing law in Fort Wayne, claims to have no memory of issuing the original order for the release of the birth certificate. Yeah, right. Birth certificates are no longer public records in Indiana open to anyone.

Wiehe notes a memoir of a former Democratic presidential campaign operative, Ted Van Dyke, claimed that he had been told by a Terre Haute mayor in 1972 that a man with a Senate badge had come to the record's bureau in the city and taken a copy of a birth certificate pertaining to McGovern's illegitimate daughter. Van Dyke's memoir claimed McGovern had acknowledged the daughter's existence and placed her and her mother in Terre Haute. At the time of the presidential campaign in 1972, the mother was supposedly living in Portland, Oregon. McGovern's campaign had received an anonymous call claiming the story would run the following day in the St. Louis Globe-Democrat. That's when McGovern supposedly told his wife about the daughter for the first time and also telephoned her mother in Portland according to Van Dyke. As it turned out, the story never ran.

So after a couple of more head fakes, you learn really nothing more than what has already been written before about a dead senator's illegitimate daughter. You still don't know the names of the mother or daughter, if you cared to know. Personally, I'm more interested in knowing why Barack Obama's birth certificate in Hawaii was forged. I want to know why it falsely claims his father is some guy from Kenya. I want to know why the Hawaii Health Department Director who presented that forged birth certificate to the public was murdered. I want to know why we are told so many lies about our president's family background, including the fact he was raised by operatives of the Central Intelligence Agency. I want to know if his actual mother is a Jewish woman from New York who is still alive. I want to know if she's the same woman, who while using an assumed name, was a part of the same network of agent provocateurs like Bill Ayers who were hired by the CIA to set off bombs at government buildings. I want to know why the entire mainstream media haven't  a care in the world that access to all of Obama's records of relevant note are under lock and seal, but thinks we should know everything about a dead senator's illegitimate daughter. Because the mystery that lays in hiding behind all of those questions will reveal to the American people what their government has really become today.

UPDATED: I neglected to point out in my original report that it was the Gannett-owned Argus-Leader in South Dakota that got the ball rolling on this story. Gannett's corporate leaders take their orders from their CIA bosses in Langley, Virginia.


Anonymous said...

oh dear God

Anonymous said...

Wonder if this had anything to do with the break-in of Jackie's Lounge back in October 1971 when Dick Cady wrote about G. Gordon Liddy playing a role in the theft of records stolen from a strong box in the lounge during a burglary supposedly related to "national security?"

Gary R. Welsh said...

That's an interesting theory. Cady's story, in addition to G. Gordon Liddy, tied a long-time Washington lobbyist, Samuel Haines, into the break-in. There was a suggestion he had come to Indianapolis impersonating a Senate investigator in order to get access to information at the scene of the break-in. Haines had a big home in D.C. where he hosted lavish parties for lawmakers. His home was once raided by the FBI and slot machines were seized from it according to Cady. Haines was also the father-in-law of a former Sen. Vance Hartke aide, Louis Sisler, who was once a former judge in Steuben County and an assistant Indiana attorney general. Someone shot to death Sisler in 1973 at Haines' front door in D.C. Cady said some thought that Haines was actually the intended target. There has also been speculation the records stolen from Jackie's Lounge pertained to a very deep, dark secret Richard Lugar has kept for many years. It was a seedy Indianapolis lounge, after all.

Flogger said...

I really have an issue with you labeling McGovern's daughter as "illegitimate daughter", not once but repeatedly. Does person deserve to have "illegitimate daughter" hung around their neck, and for how long??? When she dies does she need on her gravestone here lies the "illegitimate daughter" of George McGovern?? There are children born out of wedlock who are adopted, do they retain illegitimate daughter or son as a label?? Perhaps illegitimate daughter has some legal meaning, but I find it a slur on the person born out of wedlock. Some people may critique me as being "PC" however in the scheme of things I find no human being that is born as illegitimate.

I normally agree with many points you bring up. For some people Obama's biological parents have become an all consuming quest, the Birther Movement. No big deal, people are entitled to pursue Obama's parentage, or if he is a "Secret" Muslim. I am no fan of Obama I think he is just a part of the Corporatist Republicrat Party.

Anonymous said...

One of these days, that deep dark Lugar secret will come out for everyone to know, not just the "insiders"... someone is protecting that old wealthy coot and I've often wondered, "If Lugar is outed who else, and of how many, will we learn the truth about?" If I were Dick's life partner, I'd probably have a drinking problem too.

Oh what a wicked web they weave....

Anonymous said...

The SMU 'historian' possibly, probably, may have, or not may have, rumor of supposed 'evidence' leading us to believe in the veracity of one of the Haldeman/Colson/Nixon bag of Dirty Tricks sagas.
It seems as if Professor Knock(up) may be writing about something of a more personal experience.
One step below Swift Boating is dancing on graves.

Josh said...

Some things the controlled media overlook;
"At age 18, Barack Obama admittedly arrived at Occidental College a committed revolutionary Marxist. What was the source of Obama's foundation in Marxism? Throughout his 2008 Presidential campaign and term in office, questions have been raised regarding Barack Obama's family background, economic philosophy, and fundamental political ideology. Dreams from My Real Father is the alternative Barack Obama "autobiography," offering a divergent theory of what may have shaped our 44th President's life and politics."

"Obama admits in his autobiography entitled Dreams from My Father that his grandfather on his mother's side, Stanley Dunham, was a close friend of father Frank.
Frank and Stanley played cards together and they would often drag young Obama with them to the red light district:
There was one exception, a poet named Frank who lived in a dilapidated house in a run-down section of Waikiki. He had enjoyed some modest notoriety once, was a contemporary of Richard Wright and Langston Hughes during his years in Chicago—Gramps once showed me some of his work anthologized in a book of black poetry. But by the time I met Frank he must have been pushing eighty, with a big, dewlapped face and an ill-kempt gray Afro that made him look like an old, shaggy-maned lion. He would read us his poetry whenever we stopped by his house, sharing whiskey with Gramps out of an emptied jelly jar. As the night wore on, the two of them would solicit my help in composing dirty limericks. Eventually the conversation would turn to laments about women. (Obama, Dreams from My Father, pp. 76-77)."

Compare the pics of Davis to 0bama jr and 0bama sr.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Sorry, Flogger, but "legitimate" and "illegitimate" were terms given to the status by our legal system. I didn't just make it up to be derogatory. Both the Post and Journal-Gazette refer to the daughter as either "illegitimate" or "born out of wedlock." I frankly get tired of the PC madness which demands that we keep re-writing the English language to conform to a select group's view of what offends other persons.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what McGovern having an illegitimate daughter some 75 years ago has to do with the current price of tea in China or Indianapolis for that matter. Considering that she would be 75 years old now and on the last 10 to 15 years of her life with a father who hasn't been politically relevant since the end of the 70s at very best. One would think that you could come up with better attack ads or attacking a person over an event that happened some 75 years ago in which no one really was a victim. As long as he supported the girl for her first 18 years financially, I see no wrong considering that people like Strom Thurmond of South Carolina had a black daughter from an illegitimate relationship with a house servant and hid her for 78 years until he died in 2003 at the age of 100.

Which means that Mr. Thurmond had a daughter with another black woman who was born as a black girl all the while he was an ardent segregationist from his political entry into the ring in the 1920s until the end of his political career in 2002. A stretch of around 80 years and something that he never renounced. Which is hypocrisy in its finest that a guy who was such an ardent segregationist and racist had sexual relations with someone outside his own racial makeup yet complained about integrating schools, public facilities, and filibustered the US Civil Rights Act legislation in 1957 for a full 24 hours and 18 minutes. Hypocrisy much?

Gary R. Welsh said...

You obviously didn't read the post. I'm not attacking McGovern. Quite the opposite. I'm asking why the mainstream media devotes so much time to this story when it has not done any research on the current president's background and attacks everyone who attempts to find answers to the many unanswered questions about who he is.

smrstrauss said...

Obama's birth certificate is NOT forged. Birthers just keep claiming that it is forged over and over and over and over for their own obvious motives (so what else is new?).